Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Pardus 8th Armored: Fury of Pardus

A New Year means new models to try and build. This  time around its the Pardus 8th Armored! Yes Im finally back working on my tank company. Last time I had messed around with these guys was way back in 2012 when I started to paint up my Leman Russ tanks. Those were sold and traded away on a (much regretted) whim. Now I've been forced to restart from scratch.

Originally, I was gonna wait for Victoria Lamb or Mad robot miniatures to release there own versions of the Leman Russ tank (and I still might) but in the mean time, I have converted up my 3 extra Chimeras into a Leman Russ Tanks with the power of magnets! Since my own regretted whim left me without tanks, I put away playing my IG for tau as of late. However, this does not mean that I have been slacking. Instead, I decided to convert up these models as proof of concepts to show that it could be done.

Today I think the proof is in the pictures. This is the first conversion I did. Its named Fury on the side, which is short for "Fury of Pardua" found in the book "Double Eagle" by Dan Abnett. It was commanded by Lt. Klodas and was abandoned in the desert on Enothis. Here, it before that fateful battle. It was also a nod to the movie "fury" which came out last year about the tank crews in WWII. Although I havent seen it, It was too good of a opportunity to pass up.

I did my paint scheme up in a urban environment since my armies are suppose to be fighting to retake a Hive world in the Sabbat Worlds. Since these pictures were taken, I have converted up two more tanks to add to the Pardus. With the news that Madrobot is coming out March 1st with the new Gideon Tanks of his, Im not sure how long these tanks will remain tanks but in the mean time I hope to have some fun with them and enjoy a few more games with my guard. Its been too long since they've seen action and a few of the squads have been done up (as seen here).

In other news, The Adeptus Mech have been getting some love and painted. Forge World Metallica is growing and I hope to soon be able to post their pictures here along side my Tanith army. One of the coolest things about the Ad Mech is their weird playing style. Its like a battery that starts off strong and weakens the longer the game goes on. They truly are a alpha strike army. Hopefully I will get to take them out soon! My regular opponent has now picked up a Ork army also. This means guardsmen vs ork battles might soon be a thing. Fingers crossed for some exciting battle reports.

Until next time!


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