Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Tanith 1st and Only: Verghast Recruits from Vervunhive

"For Vervunhive! For Verghast! For The Emperor!" -  Battle cry of the Verghast
Tanith First and Only

Another month done for 2018. Where is the time going? Today I present to you my next squad of Tanith 1st and Only. This time is is my redone Verghast squad. Sharp minded readers might remember that I had showed off this squad Here back in 2016.

So you might be asking, Jon, why are you posting these guys again? Well they're part of the great "repaint of 2017 - 2018". Essentially I have started adding eyes to all of my Guard infantry models. Ive also added Tattoos to some squads like the one shown here. For the moment, im focusing on the eyes and repainting the flesh to be less flat. Ironically, the flesh paint I got for these guys originally was "flat flesh".

 Ive also finally found a supplier for Dark Reaper Layer paint so im adding in highlights of dry brushed dark reaper to all my models. Ive also started adding highlights to all the camo cloaks so all squads in the future will have their cloaks highlighted.These are really just touch ups to older models. My painting skills have improved,and so have my desires to make this the best army I can.

Now whats coming in the future? Well, first off Ive ordered myself a small group of Sisters of Battle. That order will be shown off and painted here. Secondly, Ive gotten my Marauder Bomber back from the gentleman that I had assemble it. Im going to get that model painted up and show it off here. I am excited to see that centerpiece come to fruition. Ive also started working on my Knight and Ad mech again. There are a lot of projects going on here. Perhaps too many!

A quick note: Part 2 for the painting Tanith series is coming. I just need to get back to them.

Until Next time!


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