Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tanks Leading the Way!

"They are the Panzer elite! Born To Complete! Never Retreat! Ghost Division" - Sabaton ""Ghost Division"
The Art of War Album

                  Today I'm wanting to show off some of the work I've done since my last update. Having completed a goal i set out for myself in 2010 I finished painting up the first of my tank squadrons. The third tank has not yet arrived but the first two have been finished. Back then the goal was three fold. First I wanted to get a good urban color scheme. Second, I wanted to pay homage to their earlier use by my friend in his Grey Knights army. Third, I wanted to make these tanks stand out on their own as Pardus tanks. The Pardus 8th Armored was the first tank regiment i read about in Warhammer 40k.  

Today I would like to show you my newest tanks, "King Lion" captained by Captain Le Guin from the "Gaunt's Ghost" novels and "War Horse".

"King Lion:"with Captain Le Guin in command. Seen on the side is the Ventra Majoris
campaign badge in which this unit served.
"King Lion" and "War Horse"
    Progress has also been made on the line infantry front as well. Many of my troopers have been stripped in LA's Totally Awesome (highly recommended) and given a new life as Tanith and Phantine. A few troopers have stood out in this rebuilding. Especially my favorite of the line infantry for the moment, a trooper i call "Melta bomb Tom". While this isn't exactly a Tanith-y name and yes he will be given a real name that sounds Tanith, the back-story i have written for him is worth the short read.
The man himself.
Lasgun fire raged over Trooper Vaughan Merfyn Ó Corraidhín's head. Next to him, a fellow Verghast trooper who had been hit by a Blood pact troopers las round fell. Ó Corraidhin then heard the call coming over the vox from the sergeant that every infantry man feared. "Holy Feth! Tank!" Ó Corraidhin looked over from behind his cover. Sure enough, the enemy was rolling in the tanks they were producing from one of the captured Forge Words. Grabbing a melta bomb from the dead Verghast trooper body, Ó Corraidhin with the remainder of his squad stalked into a back alley and pulled their camo cloaks over them. After what seemed multiple lifetimes, they heard the tank rumble by. The Blood Pact gunners face scanning the horizon for the Imperial lines ignored them. Perhaps a large blessing from the Emperor himself. Ó Corraidhin primed the melta bomb and swinging it in his hand threw it into one of the treads while saying a prayer to the Emperor for guidance. The bomb stuck in the treads, and the squad was rewarded with a blinding explosion. Behind the Tanks approach had been several archenemy troopers. Now halted, they searched for the source of the melta bomb. Throwing his cloak back over himself, he rejoined the rest of the squad and continued their patrol into enemy territory.  

   Besides working on my Imperial Guard, I've also been introduced to the world of paper craft by my friend Renegade09. Yesterday, we sat down, ate some bitch'n Mexican fast food (tacos and burritos! Yum!) while building some terrain for both Heavy Gear and Warhammer 40k. We also assembled some of the ruin terrian from the old Imperial Guard battle force lent to us by another mutual friend of ours Pwnzilla067. Overall, The terrain came out amazing and i got to learn some new arts and crafts skills. Renegade printed me off at least 2 more buildings plus paper cover so once i have free time we should have a kick ass table top game. Here are the pictures with Pwnzilla's old Imperial Guard models for scale.

The garage is held. FOR THE EMPEROR!
Old Imperial Guard terrain from the Battle force with Forge World Resin barrier 
Till next time, stay victorious my friends and may the dice be ever in your favor!......

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