Sunday, February 14, 2016

Pardus 8th Armored: Drum Roll Please!

Drum Roll in her glory

So here we are with the second part of my Pardus 8th Armored update! Today I present to you  "Drum Roll" commanded by Captain Hancot. This tank first appeared in the Gaunt's Ghost series of books. Since my Tanith are working with the Pardus 8th I figured I would add another tank into their ranks. This tank joins Fury of Pardus as the second member of the three part squadron I intend to make up for my 2000 point army.
Front View
This paint scheme was the same as other tanks in my Pardus Armored. The only problem painting this time was that I've been sick with a very nasty cold. As Im sure many of you know, feeling sick and painting models is not a fun feeling. Nonetheless I was determined to paint up this tank for the weekend. There are a few bits I intend to buy for this tank so that it looks more uniform with the others. Also I'm trying to think of ways to jury rig it so that the side weapons can be added onto the tank.hopefully in the future i'll have something done up.

So whats coming in the future? Well Im planning to finish the last of these three tanks. That tank is currently sitting here next to me on my work bench. After that I intend to go back to the Ad Mech or maybe work on some Menoth from Warmachine.

Also, that secret project that I keep mentioning has made major gains in the last few weeks. In the near future I hope to be able to talk to you all about it. I hope you all are as excited as I am. For the moment I think Im going to go lay back down. This sickness is terrible...

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