Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tanith 1st: Men of Tanith, Do you want to live forever?!

The Squad
So originally I had planned to do another product review for the second half of August but that plan has fallen through. Right now I'm out of paints I need to do my next project so while I wait for a supply drop, I figured I would present to you all another squad of Tanith.

 This squad was done over the course of two weeks. For my Tanith (and most of my line infantry) I usually do five models at a time with one example figure. That way I am able to concentrate on each model individual model and not feel overwhelmed. This squad is gonna be another line squad but I have not yet decided under who.

The first four Tanith
Of late I've been working on readying my army to completion and trying to get as much as possible painted. With my recent purchase of a airbrush this task has become much easier and faster. I hope to be able to work through my flyers and tanks fairly quickly in order to complete them before moving on.

With each model I am attempting to add small characteristics to the model to make them individuals. some models receive 5'o clock shadows or mustaches as part of their painting process. Others get beards or facial features painted up in order to differentiate them from other models.

Another addition to the models are a second coat of silver finish on the model parts of the weapons. I am unsure how it looks overall but I have attempted with two squads so far and found it to be excellent for adding a flair to the model.

The second six Tanith
So whats next? well I hope to be able to provide that product review I had talked about at the start of this post. Secondly, my FLGS is starting its own journeyman league in warmachine for MK III. I hope to start on my Menoth as soon as my supply drop comes in. With the grey primer that I use, I was thinking of using my airbrush to paint the whites and then add a coat of red in certain areas. However, this plan seems like it would be a waste of resources. Especially since the white would enhance the reds too much to be off color. Perhaps I will do a test model and see the results.

Till next time, leave a comment, say hi or just let me know what you think. Every little bit helps!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Tanith 1st and Only: "Mad" Larkin and Plasma Gunner

The Ebay listing photo
This project was one that I took on a impulse buy and I'm not sure if I'm gonna regret it or not. Wanting to expand my collection of metal Ghost, I turned to Ebay and found this duo. I offered the seller 10$ plus 4.95 shipped for the pair and laughed it off as probably unlikely to be accepted. The joke was on me however and the seller accepted. Now I had to figure out how to turn these ghost from hideous models into true servants of the Emperor.

When I got them I stripped of their horrible smelling bases and dropped them in LA's Totally Awesome. This seemed to do alright but to speed up the process I dropped them next into rubbing alochol (90% proof) and let them sit for two days. Giving them a hard scrubbing, I got them to the next stage as seen to the right.

After their stripping
After that it was time for painting! I gave them a good bath of primer (Not literally) before taking them inside and starting to paint them. I went for my standard Tanith Black / Grey scheme and tried my best to make them up to par with the rest of the army. Each model was given particular attention, especially to the plasma gun. I then added on the basing for each model before letting them dry. Overall this process took about six days.

Sharp eyed viewers can notice the Gideon Tank from Madrobot Miniatures that I ordered. I plan to do a review of them coming soon. Stay tuned for that!
Final Product!  "Mad Larkin" and a Plasma Gunner

"Mad" Larkin is one of the most famous characters of Gaunt' Ghost. Being known as the insane sniper and sniper master, Larkin is a near constant character throughout the series. His character gradually grows throughout the series becoming one of the best that Dan Abnett has written.

The Tanith Plasma gunner was also a lot of fun to work on. While I personally don't recall there being a Tanith that carried a plasma gun in the series, the addition of a Tanith with one is not to be over looked for list building. This model will almost certainly be used to fill out my scout squads or to used as a plasma gunner in a line squad. Overall Ive had alot of fun saving these models from Ebay and making sure that they fill the voids in my Tanith Army. Hopefully next time I take the Tanith out they will be able to make it into the game.

Till next time!

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