Saturday, October 26, 2013

Product Review: West Wind Productions Pict Heads

           So today i'm going to try something new. A product review! In order to complete my Tanith and add some variety into my army, i've taken the plunge and bought 40 West Wind Pict Head. (20 hooded and 20 normal)

Heads from West Wind

How they look compared to the standard cadian head. Overall there isn't very much of a difference noticeable to the naked eye.  While the cadian is slightly on the heroic scale side, the West wind appears to be close enough to fit into the non-heroic 28mm model. I'm not exactly sure if I am correct on the scale but i don't think they will be noticed much on the battlefield anyway.The added cloaks really add detail to the model and i found the cast to be fairly perfect for what i wanted out of my Tanith. Overall I would highly recommend West Wind Productions for their work. Money well spent! I'm honestly tempted to put in a second order already. ;) Hopefully i'll be able to get one of these painted up today and see how they look fully done. 
West Wind Productions head on left vs a standard GW cadian on Right.

Also in the works lately is my Forge World auto cannon chimera. I decided to add her to my army as a ride for my Phantine Vets. Her name will be "Iron Belle". Overall the paint scheme is following my Pardus 8th armored force. This beauty was a Ebay rescue job. When I first got her she had obviously been stripped and ignored. The model begged to be painted and I was more than willing since this was my first time painting a chimera APC tank.  At first I wasn't sure if i wanted to paint it in Inquisitional colors, Pardus colors or another plan paint scheme. In the end my friend Renegade09 decided that it would look best matching the Pardus armor force. I think i agree with his choice.
"Iron Belle"
Another problem that I've found lately is the number of troopers i'm painting and getting ready to cloak for my army. After taking some time out of my day, I found that the following is true at this moment for my painted army:
                                                               Tanith: 49
                                                               Verghast: 39
                                                                Belladon: ?
Im still unsure at the moment if i should add Belladon into my army. I wasnt going to originally but now the idea is becoming tempting. Im sure i'll figure something out soon enough.

Verghast on Left, Tanith on Right

Till next time, Keep rolling those dice and may the odds be ever in your favor......

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