Thursday, June 9, 2016

Thunderbolts of Phantine [XX Squadron]

Commander Jagdea in the lead T-Bolt
Sharp eyed viewers will notice that a cooling duct is missing
a replacement has been requested by the squadron
Here's a project that I've wanted to do for a very long time! A wing of two Thunderbolts from the Phantine Air Corp. First seen in Dan Abnett's Guns Of Tanith and later their own series Double Eagle, the pilots of Phantine remain my favorite Imperial Guard Regiment.

Since Phantine has no ground to muster troops on, their tithe to the Imperial war machine was in the form of pilots, each squadron being 12 (wo)men strong. My Phantine consist of both the Air Corps and their drop troopers known as the Skyborne.

This first T-Bolt is piloted by Commander Jagdea, first encountered in the book Guns of Tanith. Her piloting skills are shown to be second to none and she remains a top favorite character throughout the series as she flies Umbra 1. Since the wiki's are not much help on what the Phantine looked like, I had to resort to the use of the books themselves. They were described as:

"Matte Grey with copper plating on the exposed engines and ducts"

Umbra 2 and Umbra 1 from left to right
This gave me some idea on how to do my own models allowing them to have their own unique feel as close to the book as possible. The Second Thunderbolt is going to be flown by XO Milan Blancher in Umbra 2. Even though Blancher becomes KIA in the book, his character was too cool not to add and since my forces are suppose to be about the time of Sabbat Martyr (773 M41), its possible hes still alive at that point. Besides, with 32 kills to his name, this guy is just too cool not to make a model for!  Someday I hope to add a third and a fourth to the collection but the true goal will be to have a Marauder piloted by another famous pilot of Phantine.

Soon I hope to have my full forces done up in a picture for you all to see!  Keep checking back and leave me a note to saying you were here or just hi! Every little bit helps!


Cadian 127th said...

Nice, the Phantines were pretty cool in the Gaunt's Ghosts books - but I haven't read Double Eagle.

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff! Thanks for sharing!

Xian said...


Chris P said...

Great stuff, I had intended to paint my Avenger as Phantines to support my Pardus 8th Armored Regiment. Very cool

Unknown said...

Looking good! If I recall, Umbra Flight had blue trim on the leading edge of the fin and possibly on the wingtips while Orbis flight had green

Unknown said...

So want Thunderbolts to paint in this scheme. Loved the books!

Unknown said...

I think it was Orbis that had blue

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