Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Ad Mech: Electro-Priest of Metalica and Tournament play?

"Sons and Daughters of Metallica! The Enemy cannot hear you! Play your metal song and drown the enemy out! For Metallica! For the Omnissiah!" - Tech Priest Magnus Nicodemus

It's that time again for another blog post! Today I have finally finished the electro-priest that I talked about last time. Although there are a few touch ups I know could be done, I have spent the last 3 months on these guys. Im done. At least for the moment. Maybe in the future I will return to them and get them a little bit more up to snuff but I can't bring myself to do it for the moment.

Lately I've had a hard time motivating myself to paint. It seems that this is not a unusual occurrence for me around this time of year. Usually around the summer time my painting picks up and I do a bit better at keeping on track. In the mean time I have restarted my Dark Heresy Game. Once again, the team is going out into the grim dark in order to stop the enemies of the Imperium. Will they be able to survive or will they perish? Only time will tell.

Finished Electro Priest
Game 1 featured the team meeting a new member. Death Watch Marine Uriel of the Minotaurs chapter. This character will be played by my friend and contributor to this blog Matthew Rodgers. What will the Bull think of the war band? If the first session is any indication, things will certainly be heating up. Speaking of war bands, the new Esienhorn model is coming out from the Black Library.  This is exciting. With new rules for the famous inquisitor, it might be time to play a mixed Guard and Inquisition list.

So now onto the new topic of today. This past weekend I went to my stores ITC tournament. While I did not participate I certainly enjoyed seeing the tournament players from our local area play to their fullest. One of the main games I watched was a Imperial Guard vs Blood Angels game. The Guard player was playing a Cadian doctrine and was successfully able to hold out against the angelic host.

While the game was going on I was able to grab a few shots of this wonderfully painted army. The armies owner was able to take the Guard all the way to the finals and ended up winning our stores ITC tournament. Second place went to the Space Wolves. Third went to another Blood Angels player playing Flesh Tearers.

What stood out for me though was the work and dedication each of the players had put into their own models. From highlights to washes, every model on the tables was painted and done up. Long time readers of my blog will know that im not a fan of using grey models but I have in the past. However, these action shots really motivated me to start working again on my own armies. Hopefully this will bring me out of the lull I've been feeling.

While writing this post our group updated the stats. One local player lost every game but we a great sport about his games. In honor of the spirit of the game, our local admins gave him a best sportsmanship award.  What a neat idea! While winning is always fun, this is a game at the end of the day. A contract if you will between two people who are going to roll some dice and move models on a table. Fun should always been near the top of priorities in any war game.

Another group of photos I got were of the Sisters of Battle from Raging Heros. These models were awesome to look at. The paint job done by the local admin team was beautiful. They had chosen to do bright colors for the sisters. It is rare to see a nicely painted sisters army on the table and these were done well. Although not all of the army way painted, the models that were, allowed for a idea of how the army would look when they were done. I was excited to see how the army played since I have not seen a sisters army played in 8th Edition.

Overall it was a fun weekend and I really enjoyed seeing all the painted armies. Hopefully next time I will be over this lull and onto my next project!

Until next time!

Leman Russ tanks
Infantry Rush!
Tank Park

Sisters Walker
Raging Heros Sisters 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Ad Mech: Electro-Priest of Metalica (WiP)

Today I have a real treat for you all. Since the beginning of the year, my time has been filled up with work and real life task so this blog has suffered because of that. However today I hope to fix that. Originally I had planned to start a new painting series but since my time for painting has been so limited, Ive decided to put that new series on hold for the moment.

 Instead Im going to show off some Works in Progress. Bare in mind that these are not done but have been sitting on my work bench for a while.

Adeptus Mechanicus models always seem to take the longest for me to do, and since I wanted to have something to show for February, Ive decided upon these electro-priest. I first tried the electro-priest on table top simulator against my friends Death Korp of Krieg. Seeing how powerful the unit was, I quickly set about ordering myself a squad of 5. When the squad got in, I set about assembling them and then got them primed. Long time readers will know that I play Forge World Metalica and so I have set about painting them in the white robes of the priesthood. As mentioned earlier this year I plan to redo my Metalica list and in doing so adding more Electro-Priest to my army.

This rebuilding of my army is going to be a slow job but its one that will be enjoyable over time. I have planned for this build to take me on towards 2018-2019 and in doing so will be allowing myself ample time to paint each unit. Our local store is doing a Path to Glory game and so this is the perfect time in which to build my forces up. Once this squad is done, I hope to be able to break out my airbrush for another unit that Ive been eyeing to complete. More on that later.

In other news, I have gotten my knight primed up and base coated in a silver spray. When the weather gets clear here, I intend to break out my airbrush and set about painting up the knight. My plan is to add it to House Raven, which is allied with Metalica.  As we work our way further into this new year I hope to have a few more exciting new articles and models to show off to everyone.

Until Next time! Keep rolling those dice!

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