Sunday, September 4, 2011

News from the front

Well, schools started again and that means that with classes starting up my time for modeling my tanith is gonna be next to none. Having left 95% of my army at home, i decided to bring 500 points with me in the form of a battleforce, a lord commisar (counts as inquistor) and the phantine vet squad for me to play should i want to play guard.

I havent yet broken open the box  ( Had it since July, where has the time gone?) but ive been thinking on how i would like to model them once i get the chance. Ive been watching over blogs, forums and other site and while im sold on how they'll look, i dont want to start the project of converting them only to find im missing some key component later on. I figure eventually i'll have to start. Today unfortunalty is not that day.

So what i writtern this blog for? Well i did want to start off with some screens from this summer. Having gone home and reevaulated my tanith's look i started from a new idea and progressed (slowly) into making them as close as i could, with the cadian kits with some catachan spares.

The following pics are from late june and no longer represent the final look of the models themselves. However, once i get home, new pics will be forthcoming. The following characters are from left to right:   Major Rawne (Beret) Mkoll (Grenade)Crid (Female) Feygor (mohawk)

Monday, July 4, 2011

A walk on Dusk

Where oh where has the time gone?  May, June, and now July. Seems like this summer is flying by. Yesterday started our group star wars RPG. Set in the era of the Old Republic, our heroic jedi are flying off to save the galaxy or meet there destiny. Today, though is not about the RPG but some different tid bits from the far dark future. After ordering the Gaunts Ghost set in the mail and receiving it a few days ago, i was able to assemble it yesterday finally adding Corbec, Milo, Mad Larkin, Doc Dordin and a tanith trooper into my tanith 1st and only. Now this squad will be my new Company command squad and with the lay out of weapons, i will be able to use them for many different pieces of wargear and options. Milo comes with a bagpipe set  which i believe would make a excellent regiemental standard and Doc Dordin would make a excellent character for my medic upgrade (should i take it).  Colonel commisar Gaunt is of course being used as a Lord commisar or a Company commander based upon the point value. More on that later....

Today i was able to make a few hour into painting time and paint the death cult assassin ive been meaning to work on for a friend of mine. In our Dark Heresy game, this character is being run as assassin from the feral work of Dusk. The client wanted the colors of purple and green for the main robes and clothing so i decided to try something different on this.

Having worked on mostly tau and guard (to some extent) i decided to go for a feral look and the way to make this work was to make the clothing look ragged. This proved to be tougher than expected and preharps i should have gone green over purple instead of purple over green. I was able to get the look down eventually and tried to figure out how i would do certain colors due to limited paints avaible to me. Thanks to a friend of mine, i was able to secure the use of the purple (lich purple) and Thraka Green in order to to get the look just right....


....However upon use i noticed that the green dried a darker color then i had been expecting. This was a shock but only a minor set back as i had been thinking over the color scheme for a few weeks now.

Alittle background on the world this assassin comes from. Dusk is a planet in the calixs sector bathed in low sunlight where almost every form of life is from fungal strands. From the Lexicanum, It reads:

Elana the Unshaken, an Imperial missionary who made it her lifelong goal to bring the word of the Emperor to the dark places of the Imperium. It is said that she bore a scar for each world she visited, and that upon Dusk she was savaged by predators whilst travelling in the wilderness. 
Having read the background, I finally finished up the character, leaving a few pieces of itesms sparled at his feet. a las pistol holder and a few items of interest his target was carrying.

The blades were my favorite part to work on for the whole project. Just alittle chain mail metal and one good stroke got the look just right. The throwing daggers proved to be more of a hassle but i was able to turn what was a mistake into a rusted look thereby saving the paint job.

Hopefully, Soon i will be returning to the Tanith, They have been ignored for some time now due to the DH characters. The inquistor Urmaus is done now and solidfied, however i am not yet pleased with the way he looks. I hope to have him figured out as well soon.  Once thats done you can expect to see him on this blog and he might even get a paint job if he turns out to look really good.  As for the arbities and others, well only time can really tell.....

Finally i leave you all today with some thoughts on the working of building this model. While learning more about my own painting skills and what it takes to handle a paint brush, i was thinking about this characters back story. Walking on a world in darkness with your tribe and eventually being able to go out into the larger galaxy seems galaxies apart in terms of life styles. One being the day to day survival of your people, the other, the day to day survival of your species as a whole. When you look into it, This assassin is just doing what he know, but on a much larger scale.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Silence is Golden, Blood is red....

By order of the Emperor Of Mankind.........

So this blog has been silent lately, with school and other real life activitys taking up my time ive still been working on my Tanith and Imperial Guard " Ghost division" but taken a look into other activities and aspects of the hobby.

Lately, our Dark Heresy group (DH) has been taken by the idea of modeling our characters so i have taken upon myself to do a few of them. So far i have built the Inquistor Umarus, Death cult Assassin Dorian Barbosa, Abrities Gregory Alexae, and modified my own persona, Litilus Remaus from the tech priest model. Our fifth person, (a priest) has bought his own model and so i felt since it was his character that i wouldnt build it so as to save bits (and hopefully get back to my tanith eventually).

Inquistor Umarus was a interesting character to build for many reasons. First off, he was a combination of ideas presented by myself and the GM on a different type of Inquistor.  We decided that he would be a Xeno Hybris Radical. This idea of a inquistor interested in and encouraging his retuine to find and use xeno artifacts presented alot of modeling opportunitys. It also presented a change from the norm for how some of the models would be built. I wanted the model to look imperial and demanding but yet have some less gothic features. Finally in the end,  I took parts from many kits and came out with a rough design. Well not completely satisfied with the result, I feel that for the moment, it'll have to do till i can come back to reevaulate it. Once that has happened, I hope to get some pictures up for all to see.

For Gameplay purposes, I will be fielding him, as well as the other members as a Company command squad for my tanith in certain games. I figure a Inquistor leading IG into battle is a 40k image and am excited for the chances to play him on the table. Relating back to my tanith, I recently got the first squad down and its the only ones ive tried to do so far that im completely satisfied. Some bits here and there are less than grade however, i feel that a bit of it maybe due to OCD. I'll let the paint and primer decide.

In the coming weeks, I will be starting a Star wars RPG with a few of my buddies here. This will mean less 40k and more time in a Galaxy far far away. We'll see how much time i have left once the RPG kicks off. I hope to have the DH  characthers taken of by then.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The start of Something new!

Well everyones gotta start somewhere so here i am. I am a college student whom loves 40k and converting models in the hobby. I got started around 2008 and contuined from there. My new army of choice is none other than Gaunts Ghost from the Series of the same name by Dan Abnett. I am gonna to be taking tanks (Padrus) , stormtroopers (Phantine) and Troopers (Tanith) and through this blog hope to show you my take on the "Ghost Division" storming across the Sabbat worlds somewhere..

Its a dark galaxy....bring a flashlight and hold on....

Taking a break from my tanith for a moment (even though this is my first post on blogger)

Well my buddies and I are doing a Online RPG for Dark Heresy and one of them is running his character as a death cultest. Having said that i would, i attempted to build the character as best i could from spare bits. His character, Dorian Barbosa is from Dusk a feral world in the DH book and so i tried to make the look as "feral" as i could without too much interfence or making him look too primative. I took parts from Wood elves, tau, and a flagalant band to make him. Hope everyone likes him. Comments and ideas are welcome as always.

I tried to add as much as his gear as i could see here:

Gear: two mono-swords, six throwing knives, crossbow pistol and twenty bolts, las Pistol and one charge pack, autopistol and two clips, grapnel and line, equipment harness, 3 doses of stimm, protective bodyglove (2 points Primitive armor for Body, Arms and Legs), stone knife (memento), vial of blood (memento)

Tonight i was able to get it primed and worked on. Im hoping by the end of the week i'll have a painter for it. If not i may have to start this on my own.

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