Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sisters of Battle: Squad Hana and 8th Edition

"She was like a angel, a divine voice sent forward by the Emperor to testify in his name. When she spoke nobody wanted to turn away but instead listen to her word upon which we all wanted to listen to."  -  Deckhand 32245 "Arthur"  Port side  Imperial Navy Cruiser Tempest in relation to Sister Hana

Today I am here to show off my newest additions to my Inquisitional force: Sisters of Battle. This squad is Squad Hana. Those of you who are frequent readers will remember that Hana is one of the player characters from my Dark Heresy game. In the past the character has been done without power armor representing her time with the Inquisition. Today, I present to you her in her power armor once she left the Inquisition. The colors of her Sisterhood are those of the Ebon Chalice. This squad is my first 5 (wo)man squad of sisters and it might in the future lead to a small force of sisters of battle.

I started off this army by painting with Vallejo black-grey. I then washed the models with a nuln oil wash before highlighting the armor in Vallejo rubber grey. I then did the metallic paints with washes before applying the flesh paints on the face. The red and white robes were the hardest part but gave the models the best effect. Once the models were finished I then applied a astrogranite paint to the base.  In the future I hope to add a few more sisters of battle as well as a leader unit for the army. For the moment these models will be a part of my Inquisitional task force.

With 8th Edition coming the game is about to get a massive shake up. To this end, the blog might be on hold from the end of May till the release of 8th Edition on June 23rd. This will be not only because I have gotten a new job, but also t
o account for the release of 8th. To my loyal readers, I am grateful for your continued support.

Brother's WiP Archon (2017)

Also, my brother has just gotten a 2000 point Dark Eldar army. He has asked me to help him strip, clean and paint his models so he can get started playing. In the future, we might see a few of his models show up here. As a teaser im going to post his Archon WIP. This is his first model and his first time painting miniatures that are his own. Tell me what you all think?

Till next time, say hi, leave a comment or just say hello. Every little bit helps.
Brother's First Model (2014)

Monday, May 1, 2017

Tanith 1st and Only: Another Squad reporting In!

First 5 Tanith done
This post has been sitting in my drafts for a while but its about time I think to break it out. Today I present to you another squad of Tanith First and Only. This squad has been done up at since at least last year but I've been distracted with work and school. Today I hope to rectify that.

Like my other Tanith Squad, this one was done up in the colors of the First and Only. Altogether, this squad took two weeks to paint and finish but at least it means I'm one step closer to completing my Tanith for the moment. Only two more squads to go until i am fully painted with all my Tanith. However, this will not be the end of my Tanith. I plan to go back and add highlights as well as their tattoos for every model. I truly want these to be the best model I can present for my work. Time will tell though.
Second 5 Tanith

 In the future I hope to add some more Victoria Miniature models to the army in the form of female Verghast. With the release of the new Matilda tank too, Victoria Miniatures is looking like a nice place for 3rd Party fans to find things they would like for their Guard.

This leads me to the next point. Pardus. Last post I gave a teaser to the Armored Company list I've run a few times at my FLGS. This list is made up of Tanith in Chimeras with Pardus 8th Tank support and Phantine air cover. It is a favorite for how much pain it can bring to the table. Now that the Inquisition detachment allows for the Inquisition to bring all flavors of the Imperium it has become a even stronger list. My plan is work on the vehicles for a while and get them at least base painted and away from their primer. Then try to get back on track with painting.
Squad view

Its been a odd start to the year. It seems (at least for my blog) that I always peter out around this time of the year. I'm hoping to change that but we'll see.

Keep checking back. Till next time,

Monday, April 10, 2017

Necron of Tomb World Abyss: The Tomb Rises

Wide view

This post is one that I thought I had put in years ago but it turns out that I never got around to it. Today, I present to you Renegade09's  Necron of Nemesor Osyris and Tomb World Abyss.

This Tomb has awoken with a vengeance and was shown in this post here in the fight for Hive Spartacus. Since I never got around to actually posting the Necron warriors, I think today I will fix that. In the fight for Dakka Dakka's World Wide Campaign #2 Hive Spartacus fell to the Nemesor as the Necron pushed on the World of Hera.

Necrons are Renegades09's first army for 40k. He decided that the World of Abyss would be a desert world and that his Necron have awoken from the Imperium arriving on the world. Renegade09's Necron fought my first Tanith army multiple times throughout 2012-2013.

Two of the First Warriors
In order to do his paint scheme, Renegade used a textured spray paint on the models bases. First he primed the models black. He then used Leadblecher for the metal parts of the Necron and added Zandri Dust to the parts of the armor. For the guns, Renegade used Chaos black and then added a wash of Nuln oil. The Greens were done with Dark angels green and then after a green wash, a highlight of warpstone glow were added to the model. The warriors were done over the course of a couple of paint nights that we did.

Another Two warriors of Tomb Abyss
Today, Renegade has started his army again after a long dry spell from 40k. This has been due to work and real life. Hopefully in the future we will get to see more pictures as Renegade returns to his Necron and continues to awaken the tomb.

In Warmachine news, Renegade has also started a Khador army as well. As my blog readers know, I play Menoth in warmachine so hopefully someday Renegade and I will be able to play a few games of Warmachine against one another.

Since MK III's release I have only gotten one game in. This game did not go well for me as I got caster killed turn 3. I plan on mailing Renegade a few 40k pieces that he plans to use to modify one of his Khador Jacks.

Till next time, keep checking back, say hi or just let us know you were here. Every little bit helps!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Tau Sept: Shadow sun

To Follow any other path other than the Tau'va is to doom us all. Only together through courage and discipline shall we stand victorious. Fight with fire and courage and nothing can stand against us! - Shadow Sun (Tau Codex 4th Edition) 

So I hope you all will forgive me but I have been busy this last month with school and work. Today I present to you something thats been in my "to write" list for a while. Tau Commander Shadow Sun! 

This model is from Wargame Exclusive and is the Greater Good Dash Commander model. Sharp eyed viewers will notice that this version of Shadow Sun is a lot more "anime" than Games workshops version. The design was fine for what I wanted it for and so I put in a order for it.
 This model took about two weeks to get to the United States and then I washed it as per normal. Afterwords I put down a purple ink layer and then did the jade wash on the model. From start to finish the model only took 1 full night of work. This was unusual for me and I carefully checked to make sure that I did not miss any detail on the model. I tried to also highlight her face as to make it seem more "cute" but I dont think I did as good a job as I could have. You be the judge. 

Lately I've been searching for a better job and so my post have become fewer and far between. This means in the future I might be down to only 1 post per month. Hopefully I can keep the pace up but we will see. How do you all feel about WIP post? I usually try to make sure a post is about a finished project but Ive been thinking more WIP post might help me to get more motivated? Let me know in the comments!

Anyway Today I also broke out my air brush and did two more chimeras for my Inquisition and Tanith Army. After they were dried, I got out my tanks and took a group photo as a tease of what I want to do a future post on for my "Armored Company" list I play at times. So since I've had you all wait for so long I hope this teaser will do. 
Work In Progress Armored Company. Notice that the red chimera is a Inquisition Chimera as is the one on the far left in the same row.

Till next time! Keep rolling those dice! Leave a comment, say hi, or just let us know you were here. Every little bit helps.  

Monday, March 6, 2017

Horus Heresy Imperial Fist: 1st Captain Sigismund

I've now written this post three times and gone through countless drafts trying to figure out where this little segment would go. Today I think I'm going to release it as a stand alone and see how it does. There wont be much to this post but in the future there might be more to say about it. For now I have been given a First Captain Sigismund (Siggy) from my friend Bandogora01.

Sigismund is one of my favorite 40k characters of all time. From the Horus Heresy series he is my favorite character. The loyalty not only to the Emperor but to duty and his father makes Sigismund a character that is easy to root for.His ability in dueling and fighting other marines also makes him pretty good on the table top too.

 From my earliest days playing 40k I use to face a lot of Black Templar since they were my first opponent.

40k lorest will know that Sigismund went off with the Templar to fight on a never ending crusade once the legions split into chapters. It was from this early venture into 40k that my enjoyment of the Black Templar and Sigismund began. With the release of the Horus heresy series I hoped that they would write a few stories about him and they have plenty of times. It does make for some of the most enjoyable reading when your favorite characters show up in the story, doesn't it?

 Anyway enough rambling. As I said earlier this segment is going to be pretty short today. Hopefully sometime soon I will be able to get us all back on track with something new. This early part of March has gotten very busy so i apologize for the lack of updates. While I normally try to get two post out per month, March might only see one post this month due to time constraints. I'll keep you all informed as best I can.

Till next time. Keep checking back, say hi or just leave a comment below. Every little bit helps to see that people are reading and enjoying this blog.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Tau Sept: Shas'O R'alai

Long time viewers of my blog might notice that the banner has changed for Tau. That's because Im trying to make it so each army from here on out has a unique banner or some form of it. We'll see how well it goes. Today I present a new addition to my growing Sept. Shas'O R'alai!
At the store ( I bought the forge world broadside too!)

This model was purchased for me by Bandogora01 at his local game store. Old armies are traded in for store credit and I happened to be there over Christmas break when I spotted Shas'O R'alai and a Forge world Broadside. Both very hard pieces to come by (without paying Forge world prices here in the states). As such I wanted to pick them up and had my friend who worked there hold them for me until I got paid. Bandogora was nice enough to ship them to me once I paid for them and they arrived in good time. The initial model weren't much to look at. Black primer and a weird brown color base coat. This was removed easily enough with LA's Totally Awesome and then the true fun began.

Cleaned up and ready (Spoilers for future post)
I primed the model and then set about painting it in the color scheme of my Sept. Long time viewers know that the color scheme usually takes about a week from start to finish. Shas'O R'alai took two weeks of off and on painting. This was because as a HQ unit I wanted to make sure extra attention was paid to the model in the process. Once the model was finished I set about making a few fixes on the model before calling it done.

That same weekend, I took Shas'O R'alai out to the game store with my brother. We played a 1500 point game. Tau vs Guard. Crisis Wing (Farsight) vs Armored Company with a mission from the Monk'ta Book. Needless to say, I lost. However Shas'O R'alai proved his worth killing many guardsmen, a chimera, and a sentinel before dying to massive lasgun fire. His warlord trait: The Assassin really did make him a terror for independent characters. 1d4chan claims hes the tau version of Abbadon, Yarrick, and other heros who can "tank" their way through the enemy. I didnt see that as much as I saw a long ranged killing machine who could bring a lot of hurt for very little cost. Shas'O R'alai's markerdrones hitting on a 3+ really did make it easy for markerlights to be used for his squad. In the future I think Shas'O R'alai might become a more permanent addition to my forces. My brother on the other hand reverted back to the normal "Tank-Mander" build stating he felt that Shas'O R'alai wasnt within his play style. To each their own.
Back View

Marker drones
Tell me your thoughts on Shas'O R'alai, is he truly a terror like Dante or Yarrick or is he more akin to our regular Tau commander. Share your thoughts below.

Till next time!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Tau Sept: A Rising [Rip]Tide

Today we present you with a real treat. A Tau Riptide done up the Jar'Kia Sept scheme. This Riptide was a Christmas present from my father and was a gift I had been wanting for a few years now. Riptides are commonly though as OP (Overpowered for you non gamers) and so they are not given much mercy on the table. In the last three games I've used proxies for it, it has not died and in fact has killed a ton of points back.

So, how did I go about starting this build? Well first I clipped off the pieces and then laid them out to do sub assemblies on them. I highly recommend sub assemblies for this model due to its size and height.

Next, I set about doing painting all the parts in jade with a purple ink. After that I did the metals first with a bronze and then with a tin color. After that, I broke out my air brush and set to work doing all the jade parts you see before you. While the purple ink took two full days of on and off work, the jade only took 5 minutes with a air brush. A airbrush makes the job so much easier and enjoyable.

After the airbrush work, i let the model dry before going onto the detail work. First was the highlighting on all parts of the model. Then came the recessive highlighting with the purple wash. I then washed the blacks with nuln oil before adding a highlight to the black. Next came the metallic parts (again due to over spray with the airbrush) and then the washes on top of the metal parts. Lastly came the orange which I had stupidly left at my girlfriends house over winter break and so was forced to put that part of the project on hold for a long while. I then added a brown tone to the base and added some agrellian earth to the bottom in order to make the model look completed.

I have yet to try it in game yet but from what Ive seen of it played in proxy play, it is a beast of a model. Stupidly, once i finished the model I had burnt myself out on it and left the Burst cannon and secondary systems partly done. This has seen been corrected but it was a pain in the arse to go back and finish them out.

Overall it was a fun model kit to put together. While I am in no rush to get another Riptide, I do intend to buy 2 more someday. I think running a riptide wing would be fun (and cheesy as heck). Maybe I should save it for tournament level play?

In real life news I have found out that my Masters Thesis has been approved. This is a huge milestone for me and one that means life is about to get really busy for me. Not that i'm complaining though.

Leave a comment, say hi, or just let us know you were here. Every little bit helps!

Till next time!

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