Saturday, December 3, 2016

Tau Sept: Stealth Suit Ready!

Another unit that has been along time coming. Today we present to you: Tau Stealth Suits.

These models were done over the course of two weeks in batches of three. Special attention was given to the unit in order to make sure it looked like the squad was matched to the rest of the army.

These models are some of my favorites having been the original stealth suits of the Tau back in 2006. I much prefer this smaller and sleeker look to the bulkier plastic models that came later. With this squad I wanted to get back to painting bright colors after having painted blacks and reds for so long with my Tanith. It was a joy to be able to paint something that did not have to be grim and dark.

These stealth suits showed up in the battle report a few weeks ago. As a unit of four, they were able to inflict some heavy causalities on the Tanith guardsmen. The burst cannon is a nasty piece of tech for removing GEQ models (Guardsmen EQuivalent). A week later my brother and I replayed the same list as done up in the battle report. This time the Tau and the Guard were forced to withdraw after a lengthy battle that saw both sides reduced to very few in number. While I did not get any images of that battle, it felt good to get back into the fight.

This Tau unit of stealth suits saw action during that engagement. They were able to deep strike deep into the enemy lines and killed the priest that was accompanying the Tanith Veteran Squad. The next turn they were gunned down by the angry Tanith and removed from play. Still, the battlefield is ever changing and my brother might take them again. I'll have to be on guard against them.

As the year draws to a close, these blog post are going to become more spardic. I imagine that I will only get 1 or 2 more post in for the year and then we'll be in 2017.

Till Next time! Say hi, leave a comment or just let us know you were here. Every little bit helps!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Paint Night: Start of a new series?

Krieg 18th Assault Regiment
 First time in a long time that I've done one of these! PAINT NIGHT! Hopefully these will be a part of a series that I do on a monthly time frame that will just show off some WiP stuff we've been doing and get you all pumped for a next post. If they prove popular i'll see about adding more into it.

For those not in the know, a paint night is usually a gathering of friends at somebodies house and everyone builds, paints and primes miniatures in order to work on their armies. However since all of us are all across the United States, we decided to get together on skype and bs around while painting with each other on camera.

Tonights models were a five man squad of Victoria Lamb's Border World Rangers (My Tanith) and a Death Korp of Krieg Heavy Weapons Squad done up in the colors of the 18th Krieg Assault Regiment by my friend Bandogora01.

Tanith Veterans 
We spent the better part of a hour on skype painting and talking. Bandogora01 had a hard time deciding what to paint before finally deciding upon his 18th Krieg Assault Regiment. Fans of this blog will remember that I posted his Company Command Squad I did for him as a commission earlier this year. Now Bandogora has taken it upon himself to finish the rest of the regiment and see to it that they get their proper colors done in order to hit the battle field.

For my own Tanith, I did a Platoon Command Squad of 5 guys. This squad I personalized a little bit more by adding a few wounds and scars on them showing that the had been in the thick of battle. I got the rest of this squad (another 5 models) that I will have to do but in the mean time I think i'll take them for a spin on the battlefield and see how they do. Painting the Tanith to me is always enjoyable because of the feeling that Im one step closer to the completion of this massive project. Although any true Guard player will tell you that you never have enough. We'll see about that in time

Till next time! Say hi, post your thoughts and just let us know you were here.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Battle Report: Ambush at Hive Vulcan

"These Gue'la know not the power of the Farsight Enclaves, Let us enlighten them to the Greater Good" -   Attributed to one Shas'O Jark'ia MirrorWater prior to the Ambush at Hive Vulcan M. 41

Turn 1
Its time for another battle report, this time between myself and Silent Phantom 45.  Phantom decided to play Tau against my guard in a 1000 point match up. We each used a tournament list that I had written up and set up the table. Mission was to kill as many of the enemy as possible.

Turn 1 saw Phantom line up his two broadsides and fire off his missile salvos at me. The shots hit my chimera and blew it apart wrecking it. The Tanith jumped out and scattered as the Pardus Chimera burned. Next Crisis suits lined up a shot and fired their missiles and plasma at my Leman Russ tank. All of the shots missed.

My turn 1 saw me fire my chimeras and Leman at the crisis suits and broadsides. All of my shots failed to hit. I had forgotten to scout my snipers so they were left in reserve.

Turn 2 saw Phantom move his suits into position and line up another shot. This time the Leman Russ tank was knocked out by the two broadsides and the Crisis suit team that had missile pods and plasma rifles.  On the other end of the board, the crisis team failed to come in from reserve and the suits moved up along with the commander. The stealth team of three hid out in a ruin.

My turn 2 saw me move up my troopers to cover of the burning Russ. The scout sentinel walked into the lane of fire and the chimeras on the other end of the field moved up firing at the stealth team. 2 members of the stealth suit team were killed in action but their leader would rally on his own. A crisis suit of the three man squad was killed in action as well when the Tanith Veterans jumped out of their chimera and fired into the enemy with their war priest shouting hymns to the emperor. My snipers failed to come on

Turn 3 saw Phantom destroy another chimera as its Tanith crew jumped out from the flaming Pardus wreck.  The crisis team on the right flank blew apart the scout sentinel and the broadsides fire at the command chimera but missed. On the left flank the crisis suits and the commander tore into the Tanith squad and the priest. Two members of the squad were killed but the rest lived as the xeno suits descended upon them

My Turn 3 saw my command chimera move back to avoid the broadside guns. Orders were thrown out to the vets and they roared their defiance at the enemy killing two drones and a suit. The stealth team was shot at by the chimera but lived. On the right flank my Veterans were firing at the crisis team descending upon them. One enemy suit was killed. Again my snipers failed to come on.

Tau in my back field
Turn 4, Phantom deep struck his Tau into my back field. Tearing apart my Pardus chimeras, he ripped into them and the Tanith were forced to jump out. Now things were getting desperate. He fired destroying the command chimera. Ibram Gaunt and Colonel Corbec jumped out angry that their comrades had been killed by the xeno. A few more Tanith on each flank were killed as the xeno pressed their attack.

For the Emperor!
Turn 4 for me saw my guys fire into the Tau and a few assaults went off. Gaunt and his squad charged the Tau, and in return Ana was hit as they overwatched. The squad used their straight silvers to tear into the enemy ripping apart the suits as one enemy and a drone fell to the blade. In front of them, the Tanith veteran squad assaulted the Tau commander and last stealth suit in one of the most heroic acts of the game.This delaying action would later allow for the Tanith to re position themselves and get a better lane of fire on the enemy. Many more Tanith were killed and injured and the war priest himself was knocked out as the xeno commander pushed aside all opposition. The Tau stealth suit was killed inspiring the Tanith to greater feats of heroism.

For Tanith!
Turn 5 saw the Tau kill off the last of the Veteran squad and one lone Tanith sergeant ran for his life. The Tau commander fired killing three Veterans of Tanith and the broadsides moved up. The Command Squad and Gaunt were hit again losing another Tanith and on the left flank the survivors of the Tau commanders rampage got attacked again by the Shas'O. Things were starting to get very desperate.

My Turn 5 saw the snipers come on and the Veteran squad in the chimera join the assault against the Tau suits attacking my command squad. With their straight silvers, the Tanith tore into the Tau killing the suit and its drone. Now free of the melee of combat, the Command squad turned its attention to the squad of crisis suits bearing down upon it on the right. Gaunt and Corbec was all that was left. Doc Dorden had been KO'ed by the suit as it went down. The snipers fired killing the second suit leaving two suits alive. Gaunt and Corbec moved towards their enemy to show them Tanith's wraith.

Desperate Melee combat
Turn 6 saw the enemy Tau commander punch his fist into the Pardus chimera with a str 10 AP1 hit. the tank exploded causing him 3 wounds and killing 2 Tanith in return. The Crisis suit then moved towards his next target: the lone Tanith veteran squad. The two suits fired on Gaunt and Corbec but missed. The broadsides had no targets but moved up anyways killing one sniper. The lone sergeant running for his life was also killed during this turn.

My Turn 6 saw my last Vet squad fire on the Crisis command but fail to kill him. The Snipers fired on the commander suit but failed to kill him. Corbec and Gaunt took on the two suits and killed both in melee combat. They then consolidated towards the enemy commander.

Turn 7 saw the enemy commander jumping away from the three surviving Tanith and firing his last charge of Ion at them.All three were vaporized in a hail of ion fire.
Corbec and Gaunt face the Tau

My Turn 7 saw Gaunt and Corbec fight the Xeno in melee. Both were Knocked out and left for dead on the battle field.

Victory had gone to the Tau!

Post Game report:

Well that wasn't how I expected things to go. This fight was hard and Phantom (being my brother) knew what I would do and countered hard. It was a bloody fight till the end and was a hard fought game. I learned a lot and really enjoyed the list I was using. Someday i'll have to challenge him again to replay this fight. For a while I thought I had him but he was able to play aggressively and turn the tide. Some of you might note that he was using my Tau against me. Thats because he doesnt have a army of his own but Its nice to see my figures being used (even if it is against me). Anyway leave comments and any questions you have i'll be happy to answer.

Till next time!

Table at the end

Friday, November 11, 2016

By Order of the Inquisition: Tech Priest and Arbite Gregory Alexie

Dog and Master
So today is another day for a blog post! This time we bring to you two Forge World goodies. The Adeptus Arbite enforcer from Games Day with his cyber mastiff and a titan Tech Priest!

These are two models that I have had my eyes on for a while. Each one would serve perfectly for our INQ28 games or Dark Heresy and so I went a head and purchased them.

Each of the models were done concurrently while the other was drying. Special attention was paid to the cyber mastiff since its going to be a pet for my Inquisitor in game or a bodyguard for my D-44 Detachment while playing Guard.

Another view
 The Arbite enforcer is going to be be Arbite Gregory Alexie. A Arbite from a Hive world. He was played by my friend Saltybelt back in 2009 and became a part of our warband. Alexie has a tough my way or the highway attitude and served with Inquisitor Umarus during the Ventra Majorus Campaign in 2012. This character has gone through a lot of variations before I decided upon this model for him. The other model I used for Gregory has now become another Arbite for my second warband under Inquisitor Ardastia (from DOW II) which I hope to cover in another post sometime soon.

Titan Tech Priest
Next up is the Titan Tech Priest. This Priest of Mars was done up in the traditional martian colors since I wanted it to be no one character in particular. This model was a lot of work to get right and in some ways I am still not happy with it. I had thought to make it a character from our current Dark Heresy Game but it isn't close enough to the characters description to be so, nor was it close enough to be my own Tech Priest from Dark Heresy. In the end I decided it would just be a genre priest for my guard army or Inquisitor.

This model was a lot of fun to paint and I hope to get another one sometime soon in order to paint one up again for our Dark Heresy Group. As our current game is coming to the end of its currents season, many secrets have been revealed and the party is on edge. Whether or not these secrets will destroy the party or bring them closer to each other remains to be seen. They have already made many enemies, enemies that don't want to be found out by the greater imperium at large.

Back view
Since it is November, I hope to partake in Tanks-giving and get a few Gideon Tanks worked on. I am also putting together a few models for Bandogora01 to give as a gift to him for his 18th Krieg Assault Regiment. We'll see how that all turns out.

Till next time, keep checking back!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Tanith First and Only: Like Ghost from the Night (Part II)

close up of the five new members
 Another squad painted and just in time for Halloween! Last time I posted, I had the first half of this squad done up and painted. Now I'm here today to show off the second half of the squad. These Tanith took me the course of a week+1 to finish as I was lazy for some days during the course of the week. This squad is going to be part of 1st Platoon, under Colonel Corbecs guys and gals. Hopefully once Victoria gets the female border world rangers bodies done up, i'll be able to put in a order for some more female Verghast.

Another shot and angle
With the completion of these guys, this brings my top tray in my carrying case to fully painted. It'll look good to open my case and see the squads fully painted, even if it is only the top tray. The Tanith are growing and I hope to be able to finish them all and have them painted someday. In the meantime I have also bought a forge world Event only Enforcer with cyber mastiff and a forge world Titan tech priest. These two models are next on my list and will be shown off once completed.

The entire squad

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Battle Report: Battle for Hive Desolation

"There was fire and smoke, they killed a few of our guys and we killed a few of theirs. In the end we were the ones left standing. The Emperor protects" - Unknown,  Attributed to one Captain Jonus Reamus of the Phantine 44th Skyborne. 

Turn 1
So today I come with news of another battle report. This time at the 750 point level. We played on a 4x4 table with Inquisition + Elysians vs Tau. This time we fought for Hive Desolation.

Turn 1

We set up the table and each player picked a side. He went first. The Tau moved up and fired a few shots into my guard. Nothing hit.

My turn, i get my orders thrown out and move up some. The Chimera comes up the left side of the field and the Tarous speeds forward. At this point i open fire and killed a few fire warriors. The Tarous injures the broadside but fails to kill it. My other Tarous kills a Crisis suit earning me first blood.
Turn 2

Turn 2

He opens fire again and damages the chimera some by dropping a Crisis suit behind it. The first dune buggy is destroyed but the second one survives to fight another day. The fire warriors open fire on my guardsmen and Inquisition warbands but fail to injury any.

My turn. I move up and throw out orders. The pykers cast their powers (Presence) and the Inquisitor and his warband get out of the chimera to attack the suit behind them. Shooting goes off seeing another Tau squad killed and another damaged. In the backfield, the Inquisitor and his warband open fire with their pistols before charging into CQB with the crisis suit. One round of very close combat sees it dead. The team then consolidates 5' and goes back towards their transport.

Turn 3
Turn 3

He drops another crisis suit behind my three man warband and moves some fire warriors forward. He opens fire and kills off one of the warband. The broadside kills my chimera and explodes it killing 3 members of the Inquisitors warband. At this point its just the death cult assassin and the Inquisitor himself. The crisis suit burns a few of my guys but they make their armor save.

On my turn i throw out orders and have my squads all gun down his crisis suit. The now 2 man warband opens fire and kills a lone fire warrior. The Dune buggy kills a lone pathfinder. The other squad guns down the rest of the pathfinders.

Turn 4

He moves up some and opens fire on me. All shots either fail to hit or are saved. My dice were rolling really hot that day.
Turn 4

Turn 4, I throw out orders and fire on a few fire warriors. At this point he decided to concede defeat.

Victory goes to the Guard 4-2

Fire and smoke were coming off the now destroyed Tarous. The two man crew burned to a crisp inside. The Tau had pulled back for now but the day was won. Captain Jonus Remaus looked around at his tired and bloody men. All veterans of many jumps. Now working for the Inquisition under Xeno Inquisitor Umarus. The Tau Commander had been killed in action or so he had believed but Umarus had told him that the xeno had escaped. For the moment however, Jonus didn't care. sheathing his power sword he sat down and found a spot to relax. In moments, sleep overtook him. However his dreams were anything but peaceful.... 

The Kill Team game
Afterwords we decided to mess around and do a 3 way 250 point kill team game. Imperial Guard Tanith vs Inquisition vs Tau. Overall it was a very fun game. Kinda silly but enjoyable. Finally we had to leave and called it a day.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Updates and Reviews: Tanith First and Only and Warmachine Cards

                          So what has been new with me? Well first off, I got a new job starting this month! Finally I am able to get some use out of my degree that I went to university for four years for. I also quit my old job and started looking towards getting a second Master's degree in order to shore up my current one. You might also notice the new look for the site. I felt it was time for a change so I have changed the site to a new theme. Enjoy and let me know what you think? Enough about me for the meantime though, lets get to some miniatures.

2016 Menoth Deck
A little while back I ordered the 2016 version of the Menoth Deck for Warmachine. This new deck for MK III really did come with a lot of new updates to the game. I even got a game in with the MK III rules. Needless to say I was caster killed but the list nonetheless allowed for me to better understand the new rules. I really enjoyed being about to get out and game for once in a long while. The deck came with enough cards for every model that I had and seemed to be fit to handle alot of new miniatures I hadnt even seen yet. Hopefully Soon I will be able to return to Warmachine and get a few more hours in.

Our local game store in the area has died leaving us that game with a problem. The nearest store is a hour and forty five minutes away, a distance that i dont feel like driving just to game for a few hours to turn around and drive home again. This has caused my ability to game to be lessened but my painting has also suffered because of my busy life and the lack of wanting to paint due to not playing as much. Nonetheless I have forced myself to paint and thats what I am wanting to show off to you all today!

As a running series, I usually try to place the header images with what the topic of the day will relate to. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Today, we will be covering the first five newly painted models of another Tanith First and Only Squad I started working on.

5 New Tanith ready to go!
This 5 man squad of Tanith was a welcome start to my painting again. The process took about a week to complete and each model was given special attention to make sure it was up to par. These lads are going to be a part of first platoon under Colonel Corbec. While no character names have been given yet, the models are now sitting besides there comrades in my case. Hopefully sometime soon I will finish the next five members of the squad and complete them. This army is mean
t to be my dream army and someday I hope to add in some more female models once they come on the market. The Tanith are on the march and my Sabbat Worlds Crusade army is growing.

Action shot of the Battle for Hive Valediction
Just as a quick add, I posted this action shot from a blog post a while back. Thanks to Jayson Molyneux of the Facebook Astra Militrum / Imperial Guard group for making it look like it was taken in the heart of battle. Looks really nice and well done!

Keep Checking back for more!

Till next time.

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