Friday, September 22, 2017

Introductions: Howdy ya'll!

Hi guys, praetorianofthe_east here. I am one the main authors good friends and occasional opponent. I’ll be writing articles here sometimes, maybe more than that. Who knows eh?

Anyways what you’ll be able to expect out of me is a lot of kitbashes and conversions as that is what i love to do in this glorious hobby; some people like to paint or play, i love to kitbash. Also, expect some batreps out of me whenever i get the chance to play a game.

The main game that I play is 40k and i am currently focusing on a grand alliance of sorts for chaos, and then space marines. I do have a tyranids army but I am looking to sell it. Also, I love to write so expect some occasional fanfiction out of me.

Hopefully i can get a better post up in the near future but for now, happy wargaming.   

Friday, September 15, 2017

Menoth: Paladins and the Wall

Today I present another round of Menoth. Usually this blog has a bit more 40k to it than Warmachine but with the Football season kicking off I felt it was time to get back to my Alabama Football theme'ed Menoth (Roll tide!).

Today I present two more units done up in the Crimson and White.First off we got a Paladin of the Order of the Wall. For this army, I have decided that all fabrics would be white and all hard armor would be crimson red. Swords are going to be metals and highlights are going to be placed as needed to make the models pop.

The Paladin was a fun model to work on. I enjoyed working on the cloak and the robes the most. For this paladin however, I tried a different trick and did my whites another way instead of my traditional way I've been doing them. In my opinion I much prefer this new way of doing white to the old style. Whats your thoughts on it?

The highlights as usually were added on last to the Paladin and eyes were added to round out the figure. Eyes on miniatures is a new trick I've been teaching myself lately and trying it not only for 40K but for Warmachine as well has been a lot of fun, if a little bit of a challenge.

So what are my goals with this army. First off, I am not a serious warmachine player. I play mostly to enjoy myself and own this army as a alternative game to play should nobody in the FLGS be playing 40k that day. As such a lot of my time is spent painting these miniatures over actually playing. Secondly, since most of my favorite schemes have been taken by my 40k armies I wanted a theme that I could do easily and as such I chose this scheme to work with to honor my Alma Mater. Plus its fun (for me) to watch Alabama football and paint miniatures while yelling at the TV on Saturdays.

So whats next for this army. Well it use to be a 50 point army back in MKII. I have not checked the points under the new system but I do have a few more squads and warjacks to attend to. I've been saving the warjacks for later, meaning when the weather gets cooler and I can break out my airbrush to get them done quickly. This is also the case for my preferred warcaster, The Harbringer of Menoth. I want her to be my center piece model so I've been getting better at this scheme in preparation to airbrush her model.

As mentioned in an earlier post, We here at Behind the Lines Miniatures have had Jerry2die4 and Praetorianoftheeast join our little team of writers and so in the future we hope to get their own armies displayed here.

Until Next time!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Phantine Skyborne: Another Command squad done!

"Green Light! Go Go GO!" -  Major Erwan Grec    44th Phantine Skyborne

Its been a while since I posted and for that I do apologize.  At the current moment Ive gotten a new job that has taken a lot of my time away from painting. This new job however, was my dream job and so Im happy for it.

These models were done over the summer in July. This Phantine Command squad is most likely the last Infantry im going to buy for the Phantine for a while. This is mostly do to running out of room in my case for more Phantine Infantry and also being happy with the amount I have.

This squad was done up just like the others. I needed them to complete my case of Phantine Skyborne and had planned to add them back in 7th as the final steps into my army. With 8th, my plans for the Phantine changed with the breaking apart of the command squad and Company Commanders. I have since played with these models and the nearly won me a tournament a while back. My plan is to add some grav chutes for them one day to make them look like they just dropped out of the Valkyrie.

Now for a look into the future. With this new job, I highly doubt I'll have a lot of time to update in the immediate future. My time for miniatures and painting has dropped to zero. So is this blog going to die? NO WAY! My plan is now to drop the articles so that I get one post per month until I can get caught up with my work. I also plan to add on guest writers to show off their armies and pictures. That way even If i cant post something, somebody else will be contributing to the blog.

Thats the plan for the moment anyway. As always please leave feedback or comments. Let us know you were here. Follow us as well to get updates!

Until Next time....

Friday, July 28, 2017

Forge World Metalica: Seek and Destroy (Part 1)

 Today I present to you some of my recent work. Finally, after along time, I have finished painting up my Metalica breachers and Ruststalkers. Readers of my blog will remember that I have posted my breachers before. However, now I have the full shots of them all done up together and so ends my journey with these models.

These models are stand in models that I got from Exclusive Miniatures. I have never been a fan of the Games workshop Breachers and so I went looking for something that I felt would represent my idea of the models better. With Exclusive miniatures I got a female magos and two squads of their first set of stand ins. However I was sent a wrong order of the female models and so they sent me a third set. I converted the second set to a proper loadout of breachers and so was able to run three squad of breachers back in 7th.

 My friend  Praetorianofthe_east gave me a few of his Ad mech models and so the army grew from a lousy 500 points to 750.  One of the gems of this army was the Ruststalkers he gave me. Those too have been painted up as seen here today.

So whats coming next down the pipe? Well I got a Knight! Yes, for my birthday i decided to get a knight for my Metalica force. I have decided upon House Raven for its ties to Metalica. This, like the riptide done earlier this year, will be one of my biggest challenges to date. The Marauder Bomber is also still in the works but has hit a snag. A snag I hope to change soon.

 In the meantime, I have also picked up a Black Templar army from Praetorianofthe_east. This army will stripped of the horrible paint job it has and will return to the battlefield as proud Templar. However that is a while down the road. At the moment, I am trying to prepare myself for August and the return of the school year with it.

Till next time! Leave a comment, say hello or just let me know you were here. Every little bit helps! Stay Tuned for Part 2 where I will be showing off the Ruststalkers and talking about how I painted them.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Phantine: Marauder Bomber project "G for Greta" Part 1

"Strong men have conquered the land, bold men have conquered the void, between land and void lies the sky, and only the bravest men ever conquer that."

- Dedication to the Hessenville Aviator scholam on Phantine

As per tradition, on the 4th of July I usually release a blog post about something in relation to my Phantine. With that holiday coming up here in the United States that means its now time for me to get this article out of the way. I have had it in my backlog since at least Winter 2016. So today I present to you my biggest (literally) project yet. I am going to assemble, paint and play a Marauder Bomber for my Phantine Air Corp.

At first I was unsure if I wanted to do this as a single blog post or a series. Now having put off this article for a long while, I have decided to release it as a series of post. The model has been bought, washed, and primed for all of its pieces.

I decided that this model will be "G for Greta", which belonged to Commander Oskar Viltry during the Enothis campaign (772-774 M41). This aircraft first appeared in Double Eagle by Dan Abnett and so I have been looking back through that book for details about the aircraft. This will be my first super heavy of any type so I am excited to see what  I can do with it. Since I am a huge flyboy, the Marauder spoke to me as a Flying Fortress stand in that you would have seen in World War II. Having the connection to the books will only make it better when it is out on the table.

Phantine as I have noted before has no ground to muster a PDF on. So pilots and aviators are rounded up for the Guard. Long time readers of my blog will also note that Ive made a small Phantine Skyborne Force too to go with my Air Corp. In the pipeline I also have 5 more Phantine I need to do in order to complete the ground forces of my Skyborne forces. In the future I might expand upon them but for the moment Im going to be long term working on Greta and the Phantine. July is looking to be a busy month for me, so I hope that I am able to keep the 2 blog post a month mantra going. June saw me fall behind with my new job but Im not complaining.

As we celebrate this day, let us remember that in our own world, there are people fighting for us to remain free and risking there life for us. Even though we war game and have fun, we have to remember the real sacrifice that is asked of all who serve.

Happy 4th Everybody!
Till next time!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Battle Report: Investigaton at Hive Felix (7th Edition)

"Foolish Mon-Keigh, thinking they can save this city. Let us show them the true meaning of Pain" - Archon Linnaeus before his raid into Hive Felix

Today I bring you another battle report from the front lines. This battle was between my brother's DE (Proxying with tau here) and my own Adeptus Mech forces of Metallica lead by my Female Magos with Inquisitional support. The mission was kill points with a extra point award to me for every Heavy support choice that i killed and claimed with my forces.

My brother and I rolled off and he claimed turn 1. Turn one saw him move up his forces and shot a bunch of my ruststalkers. He killed two. The raiders shot at my Onager but missed and the Ravager did as well. The Inquisitional Chimera was killed during this turn by a Raider. He also claimed two objectives during this turn.

My turn 1 saw my forces move up and claim a objective. My shooting however was ineffective and so I did very little damage to him.

His Turn 2 saw him move up again and fire upon my magos. Those shots went wide and missed mostly. The breachers were the next target and he got off some good shots. However the breachers made their saves and were able to tank the fire. His Raider had moved up and the warriors inside the raider fired upon my ruststalkers killing two of them. The incubi hide and held a objective in the back.

My turn 2 saw me move up again. Having lost most of my right flank, my forces were forced to close off that flank and leave it to the Dark Eldar. My Ruststalkers moved up and prepared for a charge against the Dark Eldar warriors. The breachers moved up and fired upon the warriors. Many warriors were killed by the breachers and Skitarii rangers. I was able to kill 2 of the Raiders on the left flank at this time but still the Dark eldar held. My ruststalkers charged into the Dark Eldar but failed to make their charge leaving them open to splinter fire.

His turn 3 saw him move up and fire upon my forces again. The jetbikes moved up and the warriors fired upon my ruststalkers. The ruststalkers were killed to a man. More fire was placed upon the Magos and Onager. Both tanked the fire and refused to die. Two breachers were killed to splinter fire. At this time, he charged his forces into my Dunestrider. The dunestrider survived and was able to kill off one reaver jetbike.

My turn 3 saw me move up some of my rangers as well as my Magos and breachers. I was able to kill off a squad of warriors and seized a point in the middle away from his witches. On the left flank, the breachers killed off a few more warriors and tried to get in range to charge the jetbikes. They would ultimately fail to make the charge. However, the Rangers and the Inquisitor were able to make the charge and killed two jetbikes.

His Turn 4 saw his second witch squad move up as well as his warrior squads on the right flank which had fully collapsed for the Ad Mech. The Magos and Onager were fired upon again but tanked it and the Dark Eldar Archon let out a sigh as his forces failed to do any damage on the left flank to the dunestrider / Rangers / Inquisitor.

My turn 4 saw my forces move up and proceed to fire upon the remaining warriors. The warriors holding the middle point were finally killed off but the breachers had a lot of room to move up before they could capture the point. In the assault phase the Rangers / dunestrider / Inquisitor were able to kill off  the last of the jetbikes and secure the objective.

At this point the game had to end due to time. Dark Eldar had earned 19 points to the Ad Mech  15.  It was a significant Dark Eldar victory but the Ad Mech had proved that they would not let the xeno off without a fight. Hive Felix had been cleansed of all those who had lived there but the records would at least indicate that the civilians had not been killed but dragged off to a fate worst than death.

Archon Linnaeus looked out over the battle field. The slaves had already been captured and dragged back to the slave pits. Now with the mon'keigh forces broken he could escape. His forces had taken a serious hit but he knew at the end of the day his Kabal would gain wealth from the slaves. He smiled to himself, A victory such as this was one that he could celebrate back in the halls tonight. With that last though, he stepped through the webway portal and left the world behind.

Now on to some 8th Edition discussion. Since 8th Edition is coming this next weekend, we here at Behind the Lines Gaming are going to hold off on the blog posting till 8th drops. At that point we will resume with our bi monthly posting as well as give you all our first impressions of 8th Edition.

Stay tuned, Exciting things are happening and we hope to be your leading source for all the newest changes coming to 40k.

Till next time!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sisters of Battle: Squad Hana and 8th Edition

"She was like a angel, a divine voice sent forward by the Emperor to testify in his name. When she spoke nobody wanted to turn away but instead listen to her word upon which we all wanted to listen to."  -  Deckhand 32245 "Arthur"  Port side  Imperial Navy Cruiser Tempest in relation to Sister Hana

Today I am here to show off my newest additions to my Inquisitional force: Sisters of Battle. This squad is Squad Hana. Those of you who are frequent readers will remember that Hana is one of the player characters from my Dark Heresy game. In the past the character has been done without power armor representing her time with the Inquisition. Today, I present to you her in her power armor once she left the Inquisition. The colors of her Sisterhood are those of the Ebon Chalice. This squad is my first 5 (wo)man squad of sisters and it might in the future lead to a small force of sisters of battle.

I started off this army by painting with Vallejo black-grey. I then washed the models with a nuln oil wash before highlighting the armor in Vallejo rubber grey. I then did the metallic paints with washes before applying the flesh paints on the face. The red and white robes were the hardest part but gave the models the best effect. Once the models were finished I then applied a astrogranite paint to the base.  In the future I hope to add a few more sisters of battle as well as a leader unit for the army. For the moment these models will be a part of my Inquisitional task force.

With 8th Edition coming the game is about to get a massive shake up. To this end, the blog might be on hold from the end of May till the release of 8th Edition on June 23rd. This will be not only because I have gotten a new job, but also t
o account for the release of 8th. To my loyal readers, I am grateful for your continued support.

Brother's WiP Archon (2017)

Also, my brother has just gotten a 2000 point Dark Eldar army. He has asked me to help him strip, clean and paint his models so he can get started playing. In the future, we might see a few of his models show up here. As a teaser im going to post his Archon WIP. This is his first model and his first time painting miniatures that are his own. Tell me what you all think?

Till next time, say hi, leave a comment or just say hello. Every little bit helps.
Brother's First Model (2014)

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