Thursday, October 20, 2016

Battle Report: Battle for Hive Desolation

"There was fire and smoke, they killed a few of our guys and we killed a few of theirs. In the end we were the ones left standing. The Emperor protects" - Unknown,  Attributed to one Captain Jonus Reamus of the Phantine 44th Skyborne. 

Turn 1
So today I come with news of another battle report. This time at the 750 point level. We played on a 4x4 table with Inquisition + Elysians vs Tau. This time we fought for Hive Desolation.

Turn 1

We set up the table and each player picked a side. He went first. The Tau moved up and fired a few shots into my guard. Nothing hit.

My turn, i get my orders thrown out and move up some. The Chimera comes up the left side of the field and the Tarous speeds forward. At this point i open fire and killed a few fire warriors. The Tarous injures the broadside but fails to kill it. My other Tarous kills a Crisis suit earning me first blood.
Turn 2

Turn 2

He opens fire again and damages the chimera some by dropping a Crisis suit behind it. The first dune buggy is destroyed but the second one survives to fight another day. The fire warriors open fire on my guardsmen and Inquisition warbands but fail to injury any.

My turn. I move up and throw out orders. The pykers cast their powers (Presence) and the Inquisitor and his warband get out of the chimera to attack the suit behind them. Shooting goes off seeing another Tau squad killed and another damaged. In the backfield, the Inquisitor and his warband open fire with their pistols before charging into CQB with the crisis suit. One round of very close combat sees it dead. The team then consolidates 5' and goes back towards their transport.

Turn 3
Turn 3

He drops another crisis suit behind my three man warband and moves some fire warriors forward. He opens fire and kills off one of the warband. The broadside kills my chimera and explodes it killing 3 members of the Inquisitors warband. At this point its just the death cult assassin and the Inquisitor himself. The crisis suit burns a few of my guys but they make their armor save.

On my turn i throw out orders and have my squads all gun down his crisis suit. The now 2 man warband opens fire and kills a lone fire warrior. The Dune buggy kills a lone pathfinder. The other squad guns down the rest of the pathfinders.

Turn 4

He moves up some and opens fire on me. All shots either fail to hit or are saved. My dice were rolling really hot that day.
Turn 4

Turn 4, I throw out orders and fire on a few fire warriors. At this point he decided to concede defeat.

Victory goes to the Guard 4-2

Fire and smoke were coming off the now destroyed Tarous. The two man crew burned to a crisp inside. The Tau had pulled back for now but the day was won. Captain Jonus Remaus looked around at his tired and bloody men. All veterans of many jumps. Now working for the Inquisition under Xeno Inquisitor Umarus. The Tau Commander had been killed in action or so he had believed but Umarus had told him that the xeno had escaped. For the moment however, Jonus didn't care. sheathing his power sword he sat down and found a spot to relax. In moments, sleep overtook him. However his dreams were anything but peaceful.... 

The Kill Team game
Afterwords we decided to mess around and do a 3 way 250 point kill team game. Imperial Guard Tanith vs Inquisition vs Tau. Overall it was a very fun game. Kinda silly but enjoyable. Finally we had to leave and called it a day.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Updates and Reviews: Tanith First and Only and Warmachine Cards

                          So what has been new with me? Well first off, I got a new job starting this month! Finally I am able to get some use out of my degree that I went to university for four years for. I also quit my old job and started looking towards getting a second Master's degree in order to shore up my current one. You might also notice the new look for the site. I felt it was time for a change so I have changed the site to a new theme. Enjoy and let me know what you think? Enough about me for the meantime though, lets get to some miniatures.

2016 Menoth Deck
A little while back I ordered the 2016 version of the Menoth Deck for Warmachine. This new deck for MK III really did come with a lot of new updates to the game. I even got a game in with the MK III rules. Needless to say I was caster killed but the list nonetheless allowed for me to better understand the new rules. I really enjoyed being about to get out and game for once in a long while. The deck came with enough cards for every model that I had and seemed to be fit to handle alot of new miniatures I hadnt even seen yet. Hopefully Soon I will be able to return to Warmachine and get a few more hours in.

Our local game store in the area has died leaving us that game with a problem. The nearest store is a hour and forty five minutes away, a distance that i dont feel like driving just to game for a few hours to turn around and drive home again. This has caused my ability to game to be lessened but my painting has also suffered because of my busy life and the lack of wanting to paint due to not playing as much. Nonetheless I have forced myself to paint and thats what I am wanting to show off to you all today!

As a running series, I usually try to place the header images with what the topic of the day will relate to. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Today, we will be covering the first five newly painted models of another Tanith First and Only Squad I started working on.

5 New Tanith ready to go!
This 5 man squad of Tanith was a welcome start to my painting again. The process took about a week to complete and each model was given special attention to make sure it was up to par. These lads are going to be a part of first platoon under Colonel Corbec. While no character names have been given yet, the models are now sitting besides there comrades in my case. Hopefully sometime soon I will finish the next five members of the squad and complete them. This army is mean
t to be my dream army and someday I hope to add in some more female models once they come on the market. The Tanith are on the march and my Sabbat Worlds Crusade army is growing.

Action shot of the Battle for Hive Valediction
Just as a quick add, I posted this action shot from a blog post a while back. Thanks to Jayson Molyneux of the Facebook Astra Militrum / Imperial Guard group for making it look like it was taken in the heart of battle. Looks really nice and well done!

Keep Checking back for more!

Till next time.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Product Review: Gideon Tank by MadRobot Miniatures

Look at that Armored Beauty

Its time for another Product review! This time coming from MadRobotMiniatures.

 A quick disclaimer: This was not the first time that I had ordered from the Mad Robot (AKA: Steve) but it was the first time that I had done a significant dollar value order that I felt it would be the proper time to do such a review.

So without further ado, lets get started. The concept for the Gideon Tank first appeared years ago with this concept art piece seen at the top. There it stayed until Steve was able to acquire the rights for it and started in on making this beautiful piece of 40k fan work into a 3D model. After following this project for months, a full view of the tank was finally released in Spring 2016 before its release date in the Summer.

The Tank in 3D render form
When my birthday rolled around I was able to buy myself three of these tanks to start off my armored company list. Steve was very kind and helped walk my through the process of making sure that the order was completed fully. He even allowed me to use my points on his company store to add to the order. A huge thank you to Steve!

Once the models arrived (very fast and in wonderful condition), I set about putting them together. The video on the MadRobot Facebook page allowed me to quickly understand how this beast was meant to be put together and assembly was flawless and fast. It should be noted that there are areas on the bottom of the treads that need to be sanded or shaved off if your OCD about your miniatures like I am. Im not sure if this was part of the casting process or just my batch but it did not hinder the model in any form. Next it was off to be primed before being magnetized. I would highly recommend that for this beast, you get a set of N52 strength magnets in order to make the best use of this bad boy.

So once I got my supply drop in I started painting this tank. First, I primed it in a light grey. Then I did a airbrush spray of German Grey on top of it. One that had dried, I did a Vallejo Grey-black on the treads and the hatch. The Tank commander (Captain LeGuin of the Pardus 8th) was done with Vallejo Khaki and then a brown agrax earthshade wash. Then on top of the German Grey I did patches of Vallejo Basalt Grey.  From there I also did the wheels in Basalt Grey and then did the metal colors. All of the windows were done with a blue base and then a layer before a glaze was added.

Once the colors were done, I added a nuln oil on the metals before a highlight of silver was added.
Leman Russ Tank for Pardus 8th
Rear View
This tank has multiple variations that can be added or taken away from the tank with magnets or putty. Steve has done a excellent job of making this tank a one of a kind German- Tiger-ish tank for those historians among us. My Pardus 8th Armored is done up for city fight colors so I might add one more lighter grey before I call it a day.

Front View
Overall, I would rate these tanks a strong 10/10! Steven and his company have made a strong alternative tank for our favorite wargame that any gamer would want to have multiples of in his or her army. If you are a fan of treads, this tank is a must for your army. For me, it was my love for history that made me want to add this to my army. I know for certain I am going to order at least a few more to finish off my Armored Company. Once the Plasma and other missing variations are released, I can strongly say this tank becoming a top candidate among Tread heads wanting something new in their army.

Until Next Time! Happy Gaming!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tanith 1st: Men of Tanith, Do you want to live forever?!

The Squad
So originally I had planned to do another product review for the second half of August but that plan has fallen through. Right now I'm out of paints I need to do my next project so while I wait for a supply drop, I figured I would present to you all another squad of Tanith.

 This squad was done over the course of two weeks. For my Tanith (and most of my line infantry) I usually do five models at a time with one example figure. That way I am able to concentrate on each model individual model and not feel overwhelmed. This squad is gonna be another line squad but I have not yet decided under who.

The first four Tanith
Of late I've been working on readying my army to completion and trying to get as much as possible painted. With my recent purchase of a airbrush this task has become much easier and faster. I hope to be able to work through my flyers and tanks fairly quickly in order to complete them before moving on.

With each model I am attempting to add small characteristics to the model to make them individuals. some models receive 5'o clock shadows or mustaches as part of their painting process. Others get beards or facial features painted up in order to differentiate them from other models.

Another addition to the models are a second coat of silver finish on the model parts of the weapons. I am unsure how it looks overall but I have attempted with two squads so far and found it to be excellent for adding a flair to the model.

The second six Tanith
So whats next? well I hope to be able to provide that product review I had talked about at the start of this post. Secondly, my FLGS is starting its own journeyman league in warmachine for MK III. I hope to start on my Menoth as soon as my supply drop comes in. With the grey primer that I use, I was thinking of using my airbrush to paint the whites and then add a coat of red in certain areas. However, this plan seems like it would be a waste of resources. Especially since the white would enhance the reds too much to be off color. Perhaps I will do a test model and see the results.

Till next time, leave a comment, say hi or just let me know what you think. Every little bit helps!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Tanith 1st and Only: "Mad" Larkin and Plasma Gunner

The Ebay listing photo
This project was one that I took on a impulse buy and I'm not sure if I'm gonna regret it or not. Wanting to expand my collection of metal Ghost, I turned to Ebay and found this duo. I offered the seller 10$ plus 4.95 shipped for the pair and laughed it off as probably unlikely to be accepted. The joke was on me however and the seller accepted. Now I had to figure out how to turn these ghost from hideous models into true servants of the Emperor.

When I got them I stripped of their horrible smelling bases and dropped them in LA's Totally Awesome. This seemed to do alright but to speed up the process I dropped them next into rubbing alochol (90% proof) and let them sit for two days. Giving them a hard scrubbing, I got them to the next stage as seen to the right.

After their stripping
After that it was time for painting! I gave them a good bath of primer (Not literally) before taking them inside and starting to paint them. I went for my standard Tanith Black / Grey scheme and tried my best to make them up to par with the rest of the army. Each model was given particular attention, especially to the plasma gun. I then added on the basing for each model before letting them dry. Overall this process took about six days.

Sharp eyed viewers can notice the Gideon Tank from Madrobot Miniatures that I ordered. I plan to do a review of them coming soon. Stay tuned for that!
Final Product!  "Mad Larkin" and a Plasma Gunner

"Mad" Larkin is one of the most famous characters of Gaunt' Ghost. Being known as the insane sniper and sniper master, Larkin is a near constant character throughout the series. His character gradually grows throughout the series becoming one of the best that Dan Abnett has written.

The Tanith Plasma gunner was also a lot of fun to work on. While I personally don't recall there being a Tanith that carried a plasma gun in the series, the addition of a Tanith with one is not to be over looked for list building. This model will almost certainly be used to fill out my scout squads or to used as a plasma gunner in a line squad. Overall Ive had alot of fun saving these models from Ebay and making sure that they fill the voids in my Tanith Army. Hopefully next time I take the Tanith out they will be able to make it into the game.

Till next time!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Dramatis personae: Krieger 18D and Sister of Battle Hana

18D and Sister Hana Dressed up as a Commissar
This one has been sitting in my drafts queue for a while and I haven't been able to work on it or share it. These pictures come from my friend Bandogora who is putting together our Dark Heresy party into model format. Today we cover two of the of the most prominent figures in the warband, Krieger 18D and Sister of Battle Hana.

18D needs no introduction having been shown here before. As a former member of the 18th Krieg Assault Regiment, 18D was recruited by Inquisitor Ackermaan and brought into the war band to be the sniper / assassin due to his marksmanship. This he has done with remarkable accuracy having survived having his arm blown off by a auto cannon manned by heretics and cultist. Although the loss of his arm was a blow to his morale, the squad sniper quickly recovered and set on killing heretics.Last game saw him come face to face with a Tyranid Lictor, which he promply stabbed and fired into the creatures gullet. However, there are secrets in the backstory of 18D and some of them could destory the man, should the wrong parties find out. As always the dark gods are watching and playing the long game....

Sister Hana
Next up is Sister of Battle Hana, seen here dressed up as a commissar by 18D after their work with the 18th Krieg Assault regiment. Hana is a young woman coming from a feral water world on the edge of the Imperium. Her order of sisters focuses on relics of the past and Hana is learning what it means to be one of the Adepta Sororitas as her loyalty to the party grows with each encounter. Yet for all the goodness in her, there is a fear that she might not be able to do what is expected of her. With the disappearance of the parties NPC sister, Hana has been forced to come forward as the religious figure of faith for the party, a job she was not yet ready for. Should the secrets that 18D has be exposed, would she still see her comrades in the same light?

Hopefully soon we will have the other members of the party included in a group shot. Each model is being done by Bandogora to the closest extent that he can for the respective backgrounds. Will the party be destroyed by 18D secret or will they be able to handle the terrible truth that lies in wait?

Sunday, July 17, 2016

[Forge World] Metallica: Welcome Home (Sanitarium?)

Wip before I added the final dry brush
Today I present to you the first models of my Forge World Metallica Army. These models are all nearly Exclusive Miniatures products with a few Games Workshop models thrown in since there were no 3rd parties.This army will be a slow build army since I mostly intend to play my Guard or my Tau. These models were chosen to be Forge World Metallica for two reasons. First, Metallica is a awesome metal band. Secondly, in Dark heresy, my friend Edwazhere, chose to be a tech priest from Metallica meaning that I've gained a fondness for the planet and its priest.

Added Dry Brush
These models gained a lot of negative press review when I first posted them. Since I hate the GW breacher models, I refuse to use their ugly models (subjective) and when to find models that I felt were closer to how I envisioned my army to be. These female breachers fit with the theme of a Tech Priestess Magos and her warband. The main bulk of the army will be female with the Skitraii being males. Thats all the backstory I have for them now but Im hoping in the future to bulk it out. In the coming days I will write another post on the Skitarri as well as the Magos herself. While many of these models might seem to be out of scale, my local friendly game store and opponent are more than happy to play with conversions and proxies. I'm lucky in that regard. However I know they would not be for everyone and will mostly be a at home army. Besides carrying 2 books and 2 sets of cards is annoying. Hopefully GW will combine them into 1 army. They deserve that amount of love.

All hail the Omnissiah!  Keep checking back and leave a comment to let me know your thoughts and views.

Till next time,

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