Friday, January 22, 2016

March on Tanith, March on: Part 2

Verghast Recruits

Tanith Vets
So here we are, the first real post of 2016! What do you we have for you today?

Well before I left for winter break I had been working on some Verghast recruits. I was originally going to post there on their own but decided to wait. Instead, what I got for you today is not 1 but 2 fully painted units of Tanith First and Only.

The First squad is made up of Verghast recruits pulled fresh from the hives. These men are carrying their own versions of the lasguns as given to them upon joining the first and only. The next picture below is of my first fully painted Tanith squad. Sharp eyed viewers will note that there are 11 Tanith in this picture! That is because I found a extra body and was able to make a extra model out of the bits I had ordered from Victoria Lamb. These two squads make up my first platoon of Tanith painted up. Only the Platoon command squad to go!

In the mean time I have taken a break from painting Tanith to work on my Ad Mech a little. My Ad Mech forces are coming together under the leadership of a female Magos! Along with her Skirtarii, she will be joining the Tanith in their battles across the Sabbat Worlds. These forces come from Forge World Metillica, home of my friends tech priest in our Dark Heresy game. Hopefully i'll have more to show you as the paint jobs progress.

Also, I was given my late christmas presents that I missed while I was away over Christmas
holiday. A bunch of new supplies and goodies to help the process go smoother. The biggest welcome was new brushes and a dark grey spray paint can for a surprise project. More on that later!

As the year begins to unfold, I would like to remind my readers that I am going to attempt to do this blog every two weeks. However, this is not always going to pan out. With work and school, I am trying to do the best I can on the blog. However, stop by, leave a comment or just let me know you were here. Every little bit helps!

Until next time!


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