Thursday, April 28, 2016

Rise of the Jar'Kia Sept: A Tau story

Forgive me for being gone for so long. A lot has changed over the past month since I wrote my last blog post. So what do I have for you today? Well for starters, I have starter pictures to my Tau Army!  Yes I've gotten bitten by the Tau bug to restart my paint jobs.

Blog readers will remember a few shots of my own Jar'Kia Sept that I posted a last year. Well I've restarted with yet another new paint scheme. This time one that I am truly thrilled over and wanting to see the army to completion on.

First up, We have a Crisis team of Three suits army with plasma rifles and a missile pod. These are my main hunters and are used for a majority of the army. I usually run my army as a Farsight Enclave list under the command of Shas'O Water Mirror.

This Team is lead by Shas'vre  JadeStar and is the one of my favorite to run. With their killer combo, this team is often the first to go hunting for enemy vehicles or HQs to assassinate.  Their last game against Necrons however saw the team whipped out, yet JadeStar survived and has not forgotten her lost brothers and sisters.

Next up is my Commander, Shas'O Mirror Water. Mirror Water is considered by most to be a renegade. Although he hasnt broken ties with the Tau Empire yet, he has been known to eschew any Etherials that have been attached to his command. In his actions against Orks during one campaign, Mirrow Water lost nearly 60% of his Cadre in a three month long operation. This left him frustrated with the Etherials and their way of handling the Tau Fire Caste.  Whether or not he will strike out on his own to join Farsight is yet to be seen. Nonetheless, The Cadre has not yet returned to the Inner Septs for rearmament and relaxation. Instead, they have started to find similar minded cadres to join with in order to take the fight to the enemy. As long as Mirror Water feels that his Cadre can fight, he will continue to seek out the enemies that have killed his blood kin.

Up next is my new Cadre Fireblade named Dawn Fire. Commander Dawn Fire is a strict Tau Commander that believes that their is nothing that cant be overcome with the right application of firepower.  He has been assigned to work with Mirror Water in hopes that he can stop the Shas'O should he attempt to go rouge. Yet being the newest member of a veteran Cadre can be hard and Dawn Fire might soon himself at odds with his ranking commander.

Well thats all I got, as always leave your comments and concerns. Below is a full army shot as of 4/20 showing all that had been painted. Keep checking back and For The Greater Good!

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