Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Sisters of Battle: Saint Sabbat and her angels

"There are no miracles , there are only men" - Saint Sabbat
"Do not shrik! Do not falter! Give them death in the name of Sabbat"  - Saint Sabbat at the Battle for the Gates of Harkalon

Welcome back to Behind the Lines!

 Today we have a Saint Celestine proxy for my new Sisters of Battle army. The Sisters of Battle are currently the oldest line of models in 40k and so most of my sisters are going to be either 3rd party or proxy. For Celestine and her angels, I choose to have a Harbinger of Menoth to be the base of my model. I then found some Blood Angel wings thanks to a local gamer (Thanks Charlie!) and converted my Celestine model. For her angels, I found two old Sister models on ebay and bought them for probably more than they are worth. All of this was done before the plastic Celestine came out.

However, its been a while and with the Sisters back on as a possible 2019 release, I wanted to get my army ready. So I found the pieces, converted Celestine up and painted her in the colors of Saint Sabbat as described in the Gaunt's Ghost series of books. This will allow me to connect Sabbat (Celestine) into the theme of my armies so that I can use my sisters across multiple armies.

In order to paint Sabbat, I used a grey primer. I then used scarlet red for her robes and metallic bronze for her army as described from the Gaunt's Ghost wiki page. After those dried I was both in Nuln oil before highlighting the red with Wazzadakka red and the bronze using Balazhar gold. The wings had already been painted by Charlie and looked fine to me so I added them on after I was done with the paint job. For the flesh, I used Flat Flesh by Vallejo and then added a flesh wash. After that dried I used a rose flesh mixed with a light flesh and highlighted her skin.

For her hair I used a Vallejo black base and then added Vallejo black-grey highlights. For the basing I used GW astrogranite and then highlighted it with Longfang grey.

For her Geminae Superia I did the same color scheme as described above. However for the power armor I used a black base and then added a highlight of black-grey. The scheme I decided to go for with my sisters is the Order of the Ebon Chalice. This is the traditional Sisters scheme of Black armor with white robes on the outside and red on the inside. For the silvers, I used Games workshop Ledblecher with vallejo silver. For the reds I used Vallejo Scarlet and then added Wazzadakka red as a highlight.

This is just the start of the Sisters of Battle. I have ordered and put together 2 Exorcist Tanks as well as 2 Repressors. I also have ordered 2 more squads of 5 sisters. That way, I can run a battalion of sisters. I am excited to run this army in 2018 and I hope to have more to show off soon.

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