Monday, April 23, 2018

How to Paint Tanith: The Uniform and flesh tones (Part 1)

                   Today I present to you our first paint guide! I have decided that I am going to show off how to paint the Tanith First and Only models. The squad I am using is one of my many Tanith squads. I messed up these five Tanith models painting them and so after stripping them in LATA, I decided I would use them for the painting guide. When done, they should look like the first five Tanith you see in picture 1. It should be noted that this guide is not the only way to paint Tanith. This is simply my method.

Finished Squad
Picture 2 is the one of the models from the second squad of five after they were stripped in LA's Totally Awesome. After I got the models stripped, I realized that I was out of primer and so had to go get another can. Finally getting another can of primer, I was able to prime the models and prepare them for the paint job.

Step one is grey primer. The primer I choose to use is from Rust-Oleum and the type is 2x Ultra cover primer. This primer is the best grey I have found for miniature in rattle can form. If I were to airbrush more often, I would recommend Vallejo Grey Primer. After letting the primer dry, I brought the models in doors and set about on the second step.

Stripped in LATA and ready to prime
Step two was the base colors. I chose Vallejo Black-Grey and put it all over the model. The hair, as well as the gun strap was also done up in black-grey. After the black-grey dries, I then added on the flesh tones. The base color is Vallejo Rosey Flesh. Once I got a solid base of flesh, I switched over to Citadel Leadblecher and did up the metal parts on the gun. I also did up the buckles on the uniform and the metal straps on the gun strap. For the cloak, I used P3 Baston Grey. P3 paint can be pretty thick so you need to be careful when applying this color to the cloak. Lastly we add some steel legion drab to the stock of the gun in order to get that Nalwood look.
Just before the wash stage (and optional eyes)

Step three sees the model covered head to toe in Nuln Oil. Be sure to avoid the flesh. We dont want to get the skin covered in Nuln oil. We also want to avoid the stock of the gun if possible, although if some does get on the stock, then its easier to fix. We will need to let this wash dry. About a hour will do to allow for the wash to really get into the crevices. After the wash dries, we need to check the model and make sure the wash got everywhere.

Step four is optional but can be used to make the models look a little bit better. Eyes. Lots of people hate doing eyes but I have found a way to make them easier on models. Where the eyes would be on the model use Ulthuan Grey and paint around the eye area. After the paint drys, turn the model upset down and getting a small 10/0 brush draw a small black line down the center of where the eyes would be. Once you are happy with the eyes turn the model right side up and then let it dry. If the model seems a little bit crazy looking at this stage, DONT WORRY! We will be cleaning all this mess up.

Thats all for today. Join us next time when we clean up the eye sockets and proceed onto making this model table top ready! If you a new reader let us know what you think of this new series. Would you like to see more? Maybe another army? Comment Below!

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