Thursday, June 23, 2011

Silence is Golden, Blood is red....

By order of the Emperor Of Mankind.........

So this blog has been silent lately, with school and other real life activitys taking up my time ive still been working on my Tanith and Imperial Guard " Ghost division" but taken a look into other activities and aspects of the hobby.

Lately, our Dark Heresy group (DH) has been taken by the idea of modeling our characters so i have taken upon myself to do a few of them. So far i have built the Inquistor Umarus, Death cult Assassin Dorian Barbosa, Abrities Gregory Alexae, and modified my own persona, Litilus Remaus from the tech priest model. Our fifth person, (a priest) has bought his own model and so i felt since it was his character that i wouldnt build it so as to save bits (and hopefully get back to my tanith eventually).

Inquistor Umarus was a interesting character to build for many reasons. First off, he was a combination of ideas presented by myself and the GM on a different type of Inquistor.  We decided that he would be a Xeno Hybris Radical. This idea of a inquistor interested in and encouraging his retuine to find and use xeno artifacts presented alot of modeling opportunitys. It also presented a change from the norm for how some of the models would be built. I wanted the model to look imperial and demanding but yet have some less gothic features. Finally in the end,  I took parts from many kits and came out with a rough design. Well not completely satisfied with the result, I feel that for the moment, it'll have to do till i can come back to reevaulate it. Once that has happened, I hope to get some pictures up for all to see.

For Gameplay purposes, I will be fielding him, as well as the other members as a Company command squad for my tanith in certain games. I figure a Inquistor leading IG into battle is a 40k image and am excited for the chances to play him on the table. Relating back to my tanith, I recently got the first squad down and its the only ones ive tried to do so far that im completely satisfied. Some bits here and there are less than grade however, i feel that a bit of it maybe due to OCD. I'll let the paint and primer decide.

In the coming weeks, I will be starting a Star wars RPG with a few of my buddies here. This will mean less 40k and more time in a Galaxy far far away. We'll see how much time i have left once the RPG kicks off. I hope to have the DH  characthers taken of by then.


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