Sunday, September 4, 2011

News from the front

Well, schools started again and that means that with classes starting up my time for modeling my tanith is gonna be next to none. Having left 95% of my army at home, i decided to bring 500 points with me in the form of a battleforce, a lord commisar (counts as inquistor) and the phantine vet squad for me to play should i want to play guard.

I havent yet broken open the box  ( Had it since July, where has the time gone?) but ive been thinking on how i would like to model them once i get the chance. Ive been watching over blogs, forums and other site and while im sold on how they'll look, i dont want to start the project of converting them only to find im missing some key component later on. I figure eventually i'll have to start. Today unfortunalty is not that day.

So what i writtern this blog for? Well i did want to start off with some screens from this summer. Having gone home and reevaulated my tanith's look i started from a new idea and progressed (slowly) into making them as close as i could, with the cadian kits with some catachan spares.

The following pics are from late june and no longer represent the final look of the models themselves. However, once i get home, new pics will be forthcoming. The following characters are from left to right:   Major Rawne (Beret) Mkoll (Grenade)Crid (Female) Feygor (mohawk)


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