Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The start of Something new!

Well everyones gotta start somewhere so here i am. I am a college student whom loves 40k and converting models in the hobby. I got started around 2008 and contuined from there. My new army of choice is none other than Gaunts Ghost from the Series of the same name by Dan Abnett. I am gonna to be taking tanks (Padrus) , stormtroopers (Phantine) and Troopers (Tanith) and through this blog hope to show you my take on the "Ghost Division" storming across the Sabbat worlds somewhere..

Its a dark galaxy....bring a flashlight and hold on....

Taking a break from my tanith for a moment (even though this is my first post on blogger)

Well my buddies and I are doing a Online RPG for Dark Heresy and one of them is running his character as a death cultest. Having said that i would, i attempted to build the character as best i could from spare bits. His character, Dorian Barbosa is from Dusk a feral world in the DH book and so i tried to make the look as "feral" as i could without too much interfence or making him look too primative. I took parts from Wood elves, tau, and a flagalant band to make him. Hope everyone likes him. Comments and ideas are welcome as always.

I tried to add as much as his gear as i could see here:

Gear: two mono-swords, six throwing knives, crossbow pistol and twenty bolts, las Pistol and one charge pack, autopistol and two clips, grapnel and line, equipment harness, 3 doses of stimm, protective bodyglove (2 points Primitive armor for Body, Arms and Legs), stone knife (memento), vial of blood (memento)

Tonight i was able to get it primed and worked on. Im hoping by the end of the week i'll have a painter for it. If not i may have to start this on my own.


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