Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sisters of Battle: Squad Hana and 8th Edition

"She was like a angel, a divine voice sent forward by the Emperor to testify in his name. When she spoke nobody wanted to turn away but instead listen to her word upon which we all wanted to listen to."  -  Deckhand 32245 "Arthur"  Port side  Imperial Navy Cruiser Tempest in relation to Sister Hana

Today I am here to show off my newest additions to my Inquisitional force: Sisters of Battle. This squad is Squad Hana. Those of you who are frequent readers will remember that Hana is one of the player characters from my Dark Heresy game. In the past the character has been done without power armor representing her time with the Inquisition. Today, I present to you her in her power armor once she left the Inquisition. The colors of her Sisterhood are those of the Ebon Chalice. This squad is my first 5 (wo)man squad of sisters and it might in the future lead to a small force of sisters of battle.

I started off this army by painting with Vallejo black-grey. I then washed the models with a nuln oil wash before highlighting the armor in Vallejo rubber grey. I then did the metallic paints with washes before applying the flesh paints on the face. The red and white robes were the hardest part but gave the models the best effect. Once the models were finished I then applied a astrogranite paint to the base.  In the future I hope to add a few more sisters of battle as well as a leader unit for the army. For the moment these models will be a part of my Inquisitional task force.

With 8th Edition coming the game is about to get a massive shake up. To this end, the blog might be on hold from the end of May till the release of 8th Edition on June 23rd. This will be not only because I have gotten a new job, but also t
o account for the release of 8th. To my loyal readers, I am grateful for your continued support.

Brother's WiP Archon (2017)

Also, my brother has just gotten a 2000 point Dark Eldar army. He has asked me to help him strip, clean and paint his models so he can get started playing. In the future, we might see a few of his models show up here. As a teaser im going to post his Archon WIP. This is his first model and his first time painting miniatures that are his own. Tell me what you all think?

Till next time, say hi, leave a comment or just say hello. Every little bit helps.
Brother's First Model (2014)


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