Monday, April 10, 2017

Necron of Tomb World Abyss: The Tomb Rises

Wide view

This post is one that I thought I had put in years ago but it turns out that I never got around to it. Today, I present to you Renegade09's  Necron of Nemesor Osyris and Tomb World Abyss.

This Tomb has awoken with a vengeance and was shown in this post here in the fight for Hive Spartacus. Since I never got around to actually posting the Necron warriors, I think today I will fix that. In the fight for Dakka Dakka's World Wide Campaign #2 Hive Spartacus fell to the Nemesor as the Necron pushed on the World of Hera.

Necrons are Renegades09's first army for 40k. He decided that the World of Abyss would be a desert world and that his Necron have awoken from the Imperium arriving on the world. Renegade09's Necron fought my first Tanith army multiple times throughout 2012-2013.

Two of the First Warriors
In order to do his paint scheme, Renegade used a textured spray paint on the models bases. First he primed the models black. He then used Leadblecher for the metal parts of the Necron and added Zandri Dust to the parts of the armor. For the guns, Renegade used Chaos black and then added a wash of Nuln oil. The Greens were done with Dark angels green and then after a green wash, a highlight of warpstone glow were added to the model. The warriors were done over the course of a couple of paint nights that we did.

Another Two warriors of Tomb Abyss
Today, Renegade has started his army again after a long dry spell from 40k. This has been due to work and real life. Hopefully in the future we will get to see more pictures as Renegade returns to his Necron and continues to awaken the tomb.

In Warmachine news, Renegade has also started a Khador army as well. As my blog readers know, I play Menoth in warmachine so hopefully someday Renegade and I will be able to play a few games of Warmachine against one another.

Since MK III's release I have only gotten one game in. This game did not go well for me as I got caster killed turn 3. I plan on mailing Renegade a few 40k pieces that he plans to use to modify one of his Khador Jacks.

Till next time, keep checking back, say hi or just let us know you were here. Every little bit helps!


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