Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Battle Report: Death at Hive Spartacus

Hello everyone!
      Today we're going to feature some exciting front lines new from the Ventra Majoris Campaign.  My Detachment D-44 has deployed to the front lines of the Dragon System on the Imperial Hive World of Hera. Up for grabs is the Hive of Spartacus, one of the major hives on the northern part of the world.  Pwnzilla's own Imperial Guard have also deployed here against the threat of Overlord Osiris and his tomb.

We played a 1000 point match of IG vs Necrons:

Right Side of the Table
Before the game started I took a few screen shots of my completed models that i thought i might be fielding for the day (came out to 1500). Instead we reduced the points and choose to do a 1000 instead. Seen here is my army on parade before they were shipped off to their war zone.
Left Side of the Table
When the time came i was able to get a table and we started the match. Deployment took a while but he decided to let me have first turn and deploy first. Sneaky Necron.

Turn 1 saw my ratlings fire into the squad hidden in the middle building claiming first blood. The chimera rolled up and fired at his necrons on the left flank. My Russ tank fired a shell into the building but failed to kill anything. Guardsmen move up to take a firing position into the necron forces.

His turn 1 saw the necron move up. Multiple turns of fire saw a few guardsmen die and the tanks removed a few hull points from the gauss fire. Obyron deep striked into my backfield behind the 30 man strong platoon. Now i was in trouble!  Still it was anyone's game.

Turn 2 saw my ratlings fire against into his squad hiding in the building. Some good hits but not enough damage to cause him to flee. 30 guardsmen opened fire into Obyron killing a few of his lynchguard but not enough to force him to flee. My chimera and russ fire into the enemy again but fail to do much.

His turn 2 saw a major swing in the battle as he blew up my chimera and my russ tank. The necron warriors moved up and unleashed into my veterans that were hiding in the chimera. Obyron and his lynchguard killed my lord commissar gaining slay the warlord. Now i was in trouble.

Turn 2 (Bottom)

Turn 3 saw me fire my vets into his advancing warriors while trying to hold onto the left point. my ratlings were able to fire a few more shots but did little. The right side platoon of 20 shot up a few warriors advancing upon the middle point.  Assault phase saw Obyron slay 10 guardsmen.

His turn 3 saw the necrons warriors on both sides of the table advance. The left side unleashed a volume of fire into my vets. The right side fired at my ratlings killing them. Still it looked very bad for my guard.

Turn 4 another volume of fire into the advancing necron sees little damage done. My dice were failing me. Close combat sees Obyron slay a few more guardsmen

His turn 4 sees the last Lynchguard go down. He teleports Obyron out of assault and marches his necron up the field slaying my vets and claiming the left objective.

Turn 4 (bottom)
Turn 5. The critical turn. My guardsmen move, run and sprint up the field to claim the center and left objective contesting the left and holding the center. Now all i had to do was not die....guard? who was i kidding :P

His turn 5 saw him run up the field with his necron on the left gunning down my guardsmen contesting the left point claiming it. His middle fired into my guardsmen holding the center killing one but also contesting the center. The score was now 1 held by necron, 1 contested.

We rolled for turn 6 and got a 1! game over  Necron win!

After actions review:  Darn it! not the way i wanted that match to go. I felt that a few critical moves could have helped me mid game but still Renegade09 is a great player. The deep striking of Obyron and learning that Gauss weapons insta-kill guardsmen meant that i felt cover would become center to fighting against his force. A lesson i held to in the next game we played (non campaign) just last week at 500 points. A stunning return for the guard, but that is a story for another time.

Till next time keep rolling those dice and may the odds be ever in your favor!


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