Sunday, September 4, 2016

Product Review: Gideon Tank by MadRobot Miniatures

Look at that Armored Beauty

Its time for another Product review! This time coming from MadRobotMiniatures.

 A quick disclaimer: This was not the first time that I had ordered from the Mad Robot (AKA: Steve) but it was the first time that I had done a significant dollar value order that I felt it would be the proper time to do such a review.

So without further ado, lets get started. The concept for the Gideon Tank first appeared years ago with this concept art piece seen at the top. There it stayed until Steve was able to acquire the rights for it and started in on making this beautiful piece of 40k fan work into a 3D model. After following this project for months, a full view of the tank was finally released in Spring 2016 before its release date in the Summer.

The Tank in 3D render form
When my birthday rolled around I was able to buy myself three of these tanks to start off my armored company list. Steve was very kind and helped walk my through the process of making sure that the order was completed fully. He even allowed me to use my points on his company store to add to the order. A huge thank you to Steve!

Once the models arrived (very fast and in wonderful condition), I set about putting them together. The video on the MadRobot Facebook page allowed me to quickly understand how this beast was meant to be put together and assembly was flawless and fast. It should be noted that there are areas on the bottom of the treads that need to be sanded or shaved off if your OCD about your miniatures like I am. Im not sure if this was part of the casting process or just my batch but it did not hinder the model in any form. Next it was off to be primed before being magnetized. I would highly recommend that for this beast, you get a set of N52 strength magnets in order to make the best use of this bad boy.

So once I got my supply drop in I started painting this tank. First, I primed it in a light grey. Then I did a airbrush spray of German Grey on top of it. One that had dried, I did a Vallejo Grey-black on the treads and the hatch. The Tank commander (Captain LeGuin of the Pardus 8th) was done with Vallejo Khaki and then a brown agrax earthshade wash. Then on top of the German Grey I did patches of Vallejo Basalt Grey.  From there I also did the wheels in Basalt Grey and then did the metal colors. All of the windows were done with a blue base and then a layer before a glaze was added.

Once the colors were done, I added a nuln oil on the metals before a highlight of silver was added.
Leman Russ Tank for Pardus 8th
Rear View
This tank has multiple variations that can be added or taken away from the tank with magnets or putty. Steve has done a excellent job of making this tank a one of a kind German- Tiger-ish tank for those historians among us. My Pardus 8th Armored is done up for city fight colors so I might add one more lighter grey before I call it a day.

Front View
Overall, I would rate these tanks a strong 10/10! Steven and his company have made a strong alternative tank for our favorite wargame that any gamer would want to have multiples of in his or her army. If you are a fan of treads, this tank is a must for your army. For me, it was my love for history that made me want to add this to my army. I know for certain I am going to order at least a few more to finish off my Armored Company. Once the Plasma and other missing variations are released, I can strongly say this tank becoming a top candidate among Tread heads wanting something new in their army.

Until Next Time! Happy Gaming!


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