Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year, New projects: Hello 2014

       Welcome to the 2014 edition of Behind the Lines gaming!  As this new year gets underway a lot of change is coming to this blog. I will be attempting to post every 2 weeks on some project or another i may be working on. With graduate school starting soon this is more a hope than a true promise or schedule.

The case with troopers assembled in it
 First off, yesterday (January 2nd) this giant box came in the mail for me from Games workshop. Contained within was the new gaming case i had posted about last time. After cracking open the case, i found the case to be exactly what i had hoped it would be: A infantry case for my guard. As i finish up the Tanith 1st along with my Detachment D-44 I hope to be able to show them off in their new home. One of the problems was how to store my tanks and APCs. To solve this problem i went to Wal-mart and bought a giant carrying case of a toolbox. This behemoth was able to carry, measuring tapes (2x), all 9 of my heavy weapon teams, 3 russes, 1 chimera, 1 sentinel and 1 valkyrie with room to spare! A very good buy if i do say so. I have cut down my cases from 4 to 2.  Goal 1 accomplished for the new year.
What's in the box?

Rear View
 Second off, having gotten the Inquisition codex for christmas (as well as Carnage! and Kill Team) I decided to start on a small Inq28 force for myself and my brother to play. Readers of this blog know about Inquisitor Umarus and his band of Acolytes. The next warband I am starting on is for Inquisitor Adrastia from the Dawn of war: Retribution video game. Adrastia's warband is still a major WiP but after some major inspiration from the Warhammer 40k Facebook group, I assembled my own Vindicare assassin.                These were the unpainted versions of the assassin that i posted up on that group. Little lore has been written for this assassin but a few things are known. One, he is a she. Secondly, the model had been a orphan in her former life before being taken in by the order of the assassins. Im thinking of making her code name: XIII but i'm still unsold on that name.
           The model consists of many bits including a eldar legs, body, arms. a cut down bolter, a Kroot rifle , a Forge world Elysian ammo case, many Imperial Guard weapon bits and some some tough love and care. After the assembly was finished, i painted the model up to break up the feeling of painting Tanith trooper 135+

Front View of the Assassin
Even though the paint job is still very much a WiP on this model i am unsure how to proceed. Although i don't want the model to be all black, it seems only natural that a assassin would be wearing black. I think for the moment she will remain a major WiP. Next in the warband, I hope to make a mystic and a psyker. Each warband will have 5 members including the inquisitor.What models do you think would be good for a Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor to have in her warband?

    Since the campaign for Ventra Majoris II is over my lore is that Adrastia was unable to uncover the secrets that Umarus had hidden away concern the Havens 1st. Now without the proof needed to wage open war against him, Adrastia has moved her operations into the cover of black ops calling upon her acolytes to serve her. This secret war threatens to consume the two as their feud could turn into open warfare at any moment. While both the Ordo Hereticus and the Ordo Xenos have never gotten along, this disruption could cause a major break that would see one ordo turn on the other.
Current WiP

In my last post, i promised more secret projects to come this year. Stay tuned! The pieces are all coming together. Soon enough I hope to have more news on these projects.


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