Wednesday, January 15, 2014

INQ28: a intro into a whole new world

"A small step into a much wider world" - Obi-Wan in Star wars IV

     Ever since i've started my first year of earning my masters, my time for war gaming has drastically reduced. Today i hope to show you what i've been working on in my free time since my last post.

Much of my time has been in the world of Greek and Military history concerning my major but when i find enough time, the dark future of the 41st millenium always calls me back. So what have i been working on? Well that depends. I went out and bought 6 2x2 foam tablets to build my own table with. These tablets have seen my brother and I taking over with games of Kill Team and INQ 28.

For those not in the know, INQ28 is the Games Workshop game "Inquisitor" set in the 28 mm scale using 40k models instead of the 54mm models that use to be offered. The game allows for a lot of customization and character building mixing elements of role playing and table top war gaming. My two warbands under the leadership of Adrastia and Umarus have been going at each other over many games. So far, Umarus's warband has been unable to silence Adrastia in her pursuit of knowledge over the events that happened over the world of Haven. To assist her in her shadow war, Adrastia has called upon a nearby Imperial Guard Regiment. The Carolean 232nd Rifles
The 40th Corp banner (
Also known in their local dialect as "Kungens eget" (The King's own). The men of the 232nd Rifles are a Imperial Guard infantry supply company attached to the 40th Corp. Seen here is Colonel Horn with his command squad  holding the flag of the 40th Corp and dressed in the 40th Corp colors.

 The 40th Corp is a collection of Imperial Guard players on the 40konline website located in the link above. Members can become a integral part of the 40th Corp and help to build a true feeling of comradery with not only other posters but the local "Chain of Command" (CoC) too. Given enough time any member can become a "Officer" within the chain for not only his friendliness but also his ability to be a good member on the site. The 40th Corp, also known as "Board 18" is always looking for new members and new regiments. I can say it was this community that developed my interest in becoming a guard player. Not only for the friendliness of posters but also the way certain events such as RPGs and Fluff stories were often used to add to the Corps background. Contact your local Imperial Guard recruiter today!

Next to them is Primaris Psyker Henrich Oskar also attached to the 232nd. Only a few members of the 232nd have been painted so far but time permitting i hope to have more finished soon. Other notable members include Sargeant Sigmund "Butterfingers" Grahn and Commissar Isidor. While Sigmund has been painted, im hoping to get his full squad done before posting them up.

Although these will only be a platoon at the most, i've already started writing a few back stories for their regiment and the world they come from. With their involvement now in the shadow wars of Adrastia and Umarus only time will tell what will become of the 232nd.

Till next time......


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