Friday, November 15, 2013

Dramatis Personae: Inside the Inquisition

Imperial Guard Officer 39188: 40th Corp, [Assigned to Detachment D-44] Captain Jonus Remaus. Phantine Skyborne [On assignment to Inquisitor Umarus]......Would you like to search this personal service record?......Thank you........ ERROR: files locked by order of the Inquisition....Data terminal now shutting down....

The Captain and his sword "Liberus"
The world of Phantine, a planet in the Sabbat Worlds and the lead planet in the Gaunt's Ghost novel "Guns of Tanith". I started my 40k adventure reading about the Phantine Airborne from the novel "Double Eagle" and soon read about the Skyborne as well. The world of Phantine was unlike any I had encountered in the lore. With cities rising high above the poisonous Scald, every day was another day to fight to survive on a planet torn apart by industrialization. This is where my first characters for Dark Heresy Litilus Remaus and his brother Jonus Remaus come in.

Captain Jonus Remaus served with distinguished service over the course of not only the Ventra Majoris Campaign (Detachment D-44) but also the Assault on Distilleri chasing the traitor general O'Rum across the imperium into Tau space (40th Corp). Currently he has been redeployed to Ventra Majoris for the Second Campaign in the Drogan system
Clarke on his horse 

Here is another member of Inquisitor Umarus's acolytes Kriegmen #353663 Also known as "Clarke". Once a member of the 68th Krieg, Clarke was taken in by the inquisitor to become one of his personal members within the acolytes. When the bombardment of Haven happened and the 68th Krieg was struck from the record, Clarke swore his loyalty to Umarus and the imperium vowing to track down and destory the enemies of mankind. His early history with Assassin Doran and Tech Priest Litilus had been ambushed marked on the world of Hydraphur in the Segmentum Pacificus. Clarke and his unit had been asked to shadow the two young acolytes. After a failed gang ambush of his newest acolytes, the unit had been requisitioned by Umarus for the rest of the hunt to track down a rouge assassin by the name of Julius.

Another view of Clarke
After that action the Acolytes had all been separated. Jonus had returned to the 40th Corp and the others had been sent on classified missions.  Clarke and his unit had taken over the majority of the work for Umarus as his personal bodyguard. It wasn't until the actions on the world of Haven had been set into motion that the true power of the inquisition had been shown to Clarke. Watching his unit die beneath the guns of the Inquisitional fleet, Clarke felt himself torn between loyalty to the Imperium and the Krieg now dying below him. What happened to Clarke during this time is unknown but to Umarus but mysterious events aboard his personal starship were locked away under his orders. Even the current members of Umarus's acolytes know not to discuss Clarke.

Amongst the crew it is whispered that Clarke had tried to assassinate the Inquisitor. Other rumors suggested something far deeper than just a personal vendetta had taken place. Whatever the true case might be, Clarke and his unit haven't been seen since the early days after the purging of Haven. What is known is that whatever the fate of the former acolyte, Umarus has been unwilling to share the details..........


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