Monday, November 11, 2013

Battle Report: Massacre at Squat Alley

Today marks a important goal in my Guard army. I have finally finished painting all my Gaunt's Ghost.

(Nov 10th, 2013). So now the question is, where do i go from here? For now I think i'm going to take a well deserved rest before jumping back into the fray of cloaking 100+ models with green stuff. This achievement is no small feat but i'm proud of the work that has been accomplished. Hopefully i'll get back to a true update soon.

Renegade09 and Pwnzilla678 have also joined the site and will be contributing their own forces of Necron lead by Phearon Osiris and The Vostroyan 47th led by Colonel Ivan. We have all joined the Dakka Dakka World Wide Campaign II located in the Dragon System of the Ventra Majoris Sub-Sector. Hopefully in the coming weeks you'll hear from them about their own forces too!

Today though, we turn to another BATTLE REPORT! This battle was one that was fought earlier this year between Renegade09, Pwnzilla678 and myself. We were playing our own version of Kill Team with one (1) troop choice and one (1) Hq unit. No specialist were taken.  this 3 way free for all was aiming to capture the vital uplink station in the center of the alley.

The Alley
The forces consisted of,
Imperial Guard: 1 veteran squad and 1 Lord Commissar
Squats (count as IG): 1 Veteran squad and 1 Lord Commissar
Tau: Crisis Battlesuit and one 12 man squad of Tau

The Tau took the early lead and held the objective quickly while splitting their forces into 2 6 man squads to attack both the Squats and the Imperial Guardsmen coming from the bottom left and bottom right of the above picture. The Tau with their range were able to kill 3 guardsmen and 2 Squats.  The battlesuit commander sniped at the Lord Commissar of my Imperial Guard (Inquisitor count as) but missed.

The guard move up but fail to kill but 1 tau, meanwhile the Squats moved up and shot a well placed volley into the tau 6 man squad that was holding the upper left hillside. However the Tau failed to run and the Squats were forced to suffer another round of shooting.

Turn 2 sees more of the same, with the Warlord for the Squats being slayed and the Tau suffering more casualties. Amazingly they hold. The guard move up and run to get into a better cover.

By Turn 3 the game was starting to shift, the Tau were suffering casualties but had yet to give up the objective having obtain First Blood and Slay The Warlord on the Squats. My guard meanwhile were fighting uphill on the bottom right of the Alley to try to get a advantage of high on the Tau. Brave Phantine Guardsmen were both killed and wounded including Captain Jonus Remaus who was wounded in action. Finally after the guard was able to capture the top of the hill, they suffered more battlesuit commander fire killing the Inquisitor (Slay the warlord for the Tau player again).

By Turn 4, the game had whole shifted, the tau were able to slay a few more guardsmen and squats. However the Squats assaulted into the tau causing them to be locked in CQB.Also important was the killing off of the back tau line now reduced in order for the squats to move up unopposed. With their fire warriors locked in combat in the back field and the guard moving up, doom loomed for the Tau. The saving grace was the battlesuit commander who took the fight to the guard bringing them down below half. They saved on their Ld test and held. The commander jumped back into the alley to hide. The guard move up laying down a cover fire into the tau in the alley. Only a few tau are killed but the dice rolled in his favor.

By Turn 5 the game was all but over. The tau were definitely going to win but the squats were not willing to let the Tau commander get away with this massacre.  Seen here is the lone squat warrior left of his brotherhood attacking the tau commander on the bottom of 4. He has just passed both his saves. (A picture worthy moment indeed). In turn 5 he would be killed off, thus earning the name of this battle report. My own guardsmen were able to make a last minute rush to the objective but were shot off the objective by tau overwatch when i was forced to assault to move them off the objective.

VICTORY GOES TO Renegade09 and the Tau!

Shas'O J kaa Por" Mirror water" goes head to head against the Squat Warrior

I hope you all enjoyed this battle report. I meant to get it up sooner but its been a hectic semester of school. Keep Checking back and if you like what you see, Please Subscribe. In the coming weeks we will see the rise of the Necron and the founding of a new Regiment. Stay Tuned! 


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