Sunday, June 9, 2013

Battle Honors: "Gentleman, We go to war......."

Its been a while since I've done a update on this blog. When we last left off the war for Ventra Majoris had just ended with a Imperium victory. The official story was published as such:

All up 98 Victory Points for Order, 42 Victory Points for Disorder, and 6 Victory Points for Necrons.

However, the Cardinal World, the Capital World, and its guardian moon all fell, and the Necrons got a World Engine into play, so I'd spin it like Order held onto some worlds, namely Forge Worlds and what not, but lost all the rest of their key worlds, and couldn't stop the terror of another World Engine getting out to boot. Congratulations order, you have a Garden Planet and what not, from there you can see you capital worlds burning in the night sky.

Well what does this mean for my Detachment D-44 ? After a hard fought campaign on Lucan Sigma, the men and woman of D-44 were given R&R before their next deployment.

Having gone back over the paint schemes, I decided to repaint my Elysian figures (Phantine Skyborne [From "The Guns of Tanith" Novel by Dan Abnett]). I also started painting up my new Air force made up of 4 Valkyries and Vendettas. These new Gunships were given over to the Detachment for quick rapid response tactics. In fluff terms they will be part of the Phantine Airborne, a elite group of Pilots from the world of Phantine in the Sabbat Worlds. With the promotion of Jonus Remaus, to Captain in the 40th Corp (40kOnline IG board), the good Captain now has been completely redone to show off his new rank complete with his power sword "Liberus".

Also updated and redone were new additions to the Tanith side of my Detachment. A lot of models have been painted since but these were the show case models I wanted to draw attention to. First up is our lovely female commissar "Amberly Rhodes". She is using both Eurobitz model "Viktoria Skivlana" and some GW parts to make her tournament legal. She has been assigned to 3rd Platoon made up of primarily Tanith 1st and Only to make sure they don't break.

Next up is a unnamed Tanith Scout trooper. With his scope on his lasgun, and straight silver at the ready this trooper is ready for any horrors the galaxy can throw at him. The basing for all these models is done up with a urban scheme in mind. Many other Tanith armies I have seen are based around jungle or forest combat. Instead I wanted my Tanith to be in the ruins of a broken Imperial city fighting back the forces of chaos against the archenemy.

Finally below we have the 5 inquisitorial members of Umarus's retinue.  Please note that the 4th from left, has been completely redone since the taking of this photo. From left to Right we have: Unnamed Priest (banisher), Tech Priest Litilus Remaus (Tech priest), Inquisitor Umarus, Adeptus Abrite Gregory Alexie, and Death Cult Assassin Dorian Barbarossa.

In the following weeks I will be doing a in-dept look into these characters and more from my Detachment as the Dakka Dakka World Wide Campaign II starts to come back. As the men and woman of Imperium prepare to face the rising chaos in the Ventra Majoris sector, The fate of the Imperium will hang in the balance. Stay Tuned!!


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