Thursday, December 13, 2012

Battle Honors: Venta Majoris and D-44

Detachment D-44 Badge With Venta Majoris Pin

Pre-Campigan Report and Fluff:
Detachment D-44 is a mobile response unit made up of multiple imperial guard units (as well as at time Kroot mercs) under the personal command of Inquisitor Adrastia of the Ordo Hereticus and Inquisitor Umarus of the Ordo Xeno.
Composed of Tanith First and Only as well as Phantine Skyborne specialist from the world of Phantine within the Sabbat Worlds, the units of D-44 have served their masters well under the command of Senior Lt Jonus Remaus of Phantine and his elite veterans of “Scald Squad”.

Other notiable commanders within the unit include Lt Cupcake who has served the skyborne with distinguished service since the liberation of his homeworld by the Sabbat World crusade. Originally chosen to take part in "Operation Larisel" he was instead replaced due to his experience at the time which upon complaint, a commander is noted as calling him "a cupcake solider". Since then, his experience and combat skills in Scald Squad have earned him a command of his own with "Holm" Squad. He hopes to escape the Cupcake nickname and make a name for himself as commander and leader of Soldiers within the skyborne and earn the respect of his peers.

Within the last few months word has spread of a new threat within the sub-sector. Having been redeployed from the Distilleri system on the eastern edges against the tau where they were serving under command of the 40th corps, the men and woman of D-44 prepare to give chase to the new threat attacking the sub-sector. For unbeknown to most of the unit, a renegade guard regiment calling themselves “Haven's 1st Infantry” under the former command of one Colonel Lentz has reappeared recently have begun to show themselves after having been declared traitors excommunication. What the goal of Haven’s 1st and who their new masters are, is now key to unlocking what happened years ago on the world of Haven and the fate of the sub-sector could lay in the hands of the men and woman of D-44

Post Campigan Report:

Sequestered Inquisitional Files, Authorized persons only
File: 3G4B72
Reference: Haven
Please enter Your Authorization Code
Password: *********************

Thank you Inquisitor Umarus
You may proceed……
To: Sector Inquisitional command,
From: Detachment D-44
Inquisitors Umarus (Ordos Xenos) and Adrastia (Ordos Hereticus) Commanding.

My investigations into the Ventra Sub-sector have been a vital success. As the ruinous powers have pushed on Cadia and the 13th black crusade marches on, I am pleased to report on all sectors that the second fronts have held. Although the worlds of Valos and Volkh I / Volkh Secundus were lost in the last days of the offensive, other successes by the Space Marines and Imperial Guard were able to reclaim much of the Inon System in the Emperor’s name.

Detachment D-44 made planet fall on the world of Lucan Sigma searching for what has been come to known as the Haven 1st infantry. These “Free Krieg” of the former 89TH Krieg were last seen on the world of Haven before that world was subjected to the ultimate judgment of exterimantus (Reference: subfields 2.1B). How Colonel Lentz and his men survived the judgment I have no doubt can only lead us to darker answers. Marines working with the Traitor regiment were found to be of the former XX legion (Alpha Legion) when encountered on week 4 whist digging around an old adeptus mech missile silo. Our forces were able to meet the enemy but unable to stop their stealing of the technology. References from the tech priest have been…most hesitant to offer what the former legionaries might’ve stolen from that missile silo.

What is known is that roughly ten years ago, the men of the 89TH Krieg regiment were sent to the world of Haven to stop a chaos uprising. During this time on planet the world was determined to be unable to be saved due to chaotic enfoldment on the world. Exterminatus was declared. Five years later, reports start appearing of soldiers marching on worlds across the galaxy matching the last known uniforms of the 89th. However, these men are now calling themselves under new names and claiming allegiances. My Detachment was able to track the regiment to the Ventra subsector and followed them from the world of Lucan Sigma to the world of Jurn where our forces were ambushed by a large usage of Tank divisions that hadn’t been attached or known to exist at the last existence of the 89th. Our forces from then on our encountered Alpha legionaries with some elements of the 89th involved in raids on Lucan Sigma.
Whoever their new masters are, I fear that it could mean trouble for us all.

Inquistor Umarus
Ordo Xenos

-The Emperor Protects-

Umarus stared at the screen, then running the fingers through his close cut brown hair he leaned back in the chair and remembered. Lentz had been a great solider, to have to track him down like this….but no that was then. Umarus remembered his recruitment of his agents personally for each and everyone. Assassin Dorian Barbarossa, Tech Priest Litilus Remaus, Senior Lt Jonus Remaus, and many others that had come and gone over the years of his long service to the Emperor. Shaking his head he made a mental note to someday reunite the Remaus brothers before thinking about Lentz again. Come to think of it, how much should he write about Lentz? If word got out that he had been in command when that extermantus was given and that he had left Lentz to die…..No, those records had been sealed by his order. Not even Adrastia would be able to get in to see those disgraceful records. Being a radical member of the Ordo Xenos had its problems at times.

Finally, Umarus looked down at his chrono and noticed that he was running late. Jonus unlike Litilus didn’t like be kept waiting for a debrief after a mission, not that he complained of course. Smiling to himself, Umarus hit the SEND button and shut off the data slate. It was out of his hands now, somebody could clean up the mess.

Scale Squad, Detachment D-44
Lt Jonus Remaus Commanding


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