Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dawn of Eldar: A battle report

                                                           Dawn of Eldar: A battle Report

Points: 2000
IG / IG  vs Dark Eldar and Eldar Allies
2v2 match.

       So I played my first 40k game in a long while against the newest codex: The Eldar. Going into this match I expected a hard fight but nothing could have prepared me for the newest codex. To start off with, I went to my local game store where our members decided to play my Detachment D-44 along with Cadian allies vs a Dark Eldar and Eldar alliance. Here are some pictures of the armies.

Cadian Allies. He ran a fair mech list that really was well done and complimented my list
Eldar and Dark Eldar talking strategy and tactics against the Imperium. Notice those Venoms which would prove to be a pain early game.

My own Detachment D-44. Included is my new Tech priest Magos and some air support from the Phantine Skyborne. A Pardus 8th Tank sits ready to face the enemy.

To say the least, my army was shattered by Turn 3. Having lost my tank and many brave Tanith and Phantine soldiers to Eldar Wraithguard and Venoms, I was forced to rely upon my ally to push the brunt of the assault on to the enemy. My Valkyrie "Glory Hound" also failed to come in until turn 3 which proved to be a disappointment.  If we had had any chance of a victory, it would have been turn 5 when the objectives (3) became 1 owned, 1 contested and 1 held by them with line breaker and slay the warlord vs. first blood and slay the warlord would have ended in a tie. Instead, the game went onto turn 6 which say the complete destruction of my forces except for 1 squad and my ally fighting a retreat. He decided to call it at this point as we all had places to be within the hour.

Later that night I came home after another game of Heavy Gear Blitz, a game by Dream Pod 9 out of Canada with one of my friends. I found the rules to be fluid and well to do. I think I certainly would be interested in seeing a growth of the game. I got no pictures of my friends home made game board but it was beautiful sight to behold. Ive been watching for months as he painted his first minis and im proud to say that they turned out well.

To my own end, I wanted to create another character from the Gaunt's Ghost series by Dan Abnett. I decided upon a tanker this time.  Captain LeGuin of the Pardus 8th armored from both "Double Eagle" and "Honor Guard". Following the description of their uniforms from lexicanum I decided upon my paint scheme.
Appearance & Uniform
The Pardus 8th wore tan fatigues, while their tanks were painted in camo patterns according to the operation's theatre. On Hagia they were painted green and blue, while on Enothis they were painted dust red 
 With that information in hand, I started work on my good captain. He is seen here with a plasma pistol and his tank commanders cane. Once I finish his ride I plan to have him count as my Pask. Hopefully I'll find other uses for him soon too.

Till next time, Happy Gaming!

Captain LeGuin


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