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Battle Report: Ambush at Outpost 352

So its been a while since I did my last post. My new job has been very busy and in that regard im grateful. Its good to be working full time in a career that I enjoy. However, what that does mean is that these post are going to get infrequent and so Im planning to do 1 per month now.

 So what do you all have in store today? I present to you the Ambush at Outpost 352. This game took place right after the Imperial Guard Codex came out but before the FAQ so some of the rules might sound wrong for those who are on the look out for such things.
Lets Begin

Turn 1: He castles in the objective on the far left of the table. It was secure and control. Each player has to hold their objective and try to seize the enemies. I had set three chimera's with troops and platoon leaders off the table to use the Tallarn Ambush doctrine. Therefore his only targets were my Valkyrie and three Leman Russes. He fires at my Leman Russ and does a number of wounds on it. His Lord and Sorcerer deep strike close to my tank line and throw out a smite and a wound. Nurglings are also summoned via the Lord and so I have to deal with daemons now.

Turn 1: My chimera's come on to the Table. Doing a drive by they push up the right side of the table. Meanwhile my Tanks back off the Sorcerer and the Chaos lord. My Valkyrie flys forward 20' and prepares for a round of shooting. 2 Tanks fired on the Sorcerer and kill him. The 3rd fires on the nurglings and kills them as well. First Blood goes to the Tanith! Meanwhile my Chimeras fire on the lord dealing some damage to him. The Valkyrie fires a few missiles into the fortress where all the chaos marines are holed up with the objective.

Turn 2: Turn 2 saw him move his lord up and get closer to my tank. On the other end of the board a few of his marines in the castle moved around to get better shots. The lord cast a power of smith on a tank causing a wound. The marines fired wounding two of the three tanks and aiming to hit the Valkyrie doing a little damage. The chaos lord fails to make his charge and the turn goes to me.

Turn 2:  My Turn 2 saw my chimeras move up. My Valkyrie did a 90 degree pivot and flew away from the castle gunfire. My Tanks backed up nearly to the board edge. Now after orders were kicked out in the shooting phase it was time to strike back. My chimeras fired upon the fortress and killed a marine. The Command Chimera shot at the lord but missed. The tanks fired upon the fortress but missed due to being badly damaged. Overall it was a very bad turn and things were looking bleak!

Turn 3: His turn 3 saw him summon daemons of slannesh and nurgle. The nurgle daemons were spawned near his castle with the marines. The Slannesh daemons were summoned by his lord to chase a chimera across the board. The Chaos lord moved towards a tank. In the shooting phase, the marines fired at my chimeras doing a few wounds. Another squad fired at my Valkyrie damaging it. Another squad also fired at my tanks damaging them too. By now my tanks were starting to get low on wounds. The Slannesh daemons were able to make their charge in the assault phase and wounded one of my chimera's. The other escaped with a failed charge.

Turn 3: My two chimeras drive off away from the assaulting daemons. The Command Chimera goes for the middle of the board. The Valkyrie does a 90 degree pivot and comes back around. The Tanks push forward a little bit. Ibram Gaunt and a Command squad outflank onto the board and arrive to cap my objective as seen in the picture. In the firing phase, the command chimera fires and kills a few of the daemons of slannesh. The Valkyrie fires upon the newly summoned nurglings killing them and damaging the three flying blight drones. One of my chimeras is unable to fire but the far one is able to fire on the blight drones wounding it. The Tanks then fired killing a blight drone but failing to kill the lord who by now was down to his last wound.

Turn 4:  His Slannesh Daemons moved up chasing the Chimera. His blight drones move up towards the Valkyrie. The chaos lord moves up to attack a tank. Shooting phase sees him fire upon my tanks causing tank #3 to die. The Valkyrie is hit a few times but suffers no wounds. The Chimera is fired upon but also suffers no wounds. Assault phase sees him assault the chimer and blow it up. Three Tanith die in the explosion but the survivors get out ready to push cold hard straight silver into the daemons. The Fight is nasty but at the end a platoon commander and 6 Tanith are alive. Having killed four daemons they remained locked in combat. The chaos lord assaults my Tank but fails to wound it.  The Valkyrie is assaulted by the drones. The drones are wounded but remain locked in combat with the Valkyrie. The Valkyrie is also damaged as well.

Turn 4:  My troops disengaged from the assault and move forward by advancing. The Command chimera goes for the middle hill. Chimera three goes towards the blight drone attacking the Valkyrie. The Valkyrie disengaged and flew off somewhere else. Gaunt and the Command squad hide out on the objective. The tanks back behind cover. Shooting sees the Valkyrie fire and kill another Blight drone. One tank fails to kill the chaos lord but the other does kill the last blight drone. The Tanith on foot gun down one or two slannesh daemon and then unleash a flamer upon them killing 3 more having used the "Get back in the fight" order. The Command chimera fires on the chaos lord but fails to kill him.

Turn 5: He moves his daemons towards the Tanith on foot. The chaos lord sees Gaunt and the Command squad and decides to duke it out, moving towards them. The chaos marines in the castle fire upon the Tanith killing two on foot. They also damage a tank and blow it up but do little else. The Chaos lord fails his assault charge but the Daemons catch up to the Tanith on foot and whittle them down in the fight phase wiping the squad. They then turn and head towards the Command chimera.

Turn 5: My turn I move Gaunt and Company away from the Chaos lord but still within capturing range. The Last tank moves up to add Gaunt and company. The Valkyrie turns around to aim at the Daemons. The Command chimera drops off Corbec, Hark and a squad of Tanith. The Other Chimera moves towards the Daemons to aid Corbec's boys. Gaunt and his squad fire on the Chaos lord failing to kill him. The Tank fires upon the chaos lord and finally with the lascannon kills the chaos lord. Corbec and his squad on the hill First rank fire second rank fire into the Daemons along with Hark. They kill a few daemons.  The Valkyrie fires upon the Daemons killing a few more too. The Chimera fires upon the Daemons from the rear but the squad of 20 daemons is still going strong. Corbec is about to prepare his squad for a order to affix straight silver when the daemons and the chaos marines disappear!

Game over at Turn 5

5-3 Tanith Victory!

Talk about a match! The Tallarn doctrine was great and the outflanking really felt like i was playing a Tanith army. Everything went back and forth all game long and so it was a great match. Since the FAQ came out however, Hark and the Ambush doctrine are no longer as good as they once were. What do you all think of the changes to the codex FAQ? Let me know in the comments below!

Here are some screenshots from another battle that I did the next weekend. This battle was also verses chaos. This time Alpha Legion. This battle ended up with a Tanith Victory wiping out the enemy forces to a man. The Alpha legion player was new to the world of 40k and so I consider it more of a training game than a true game victory. However, it was a lot of fun to see the Matilda out on the table. Enjoy the screenshots from the game highlights.

Until Next time!


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