Friday, September 22, 2017

Introductions: Howdy ya'll!

Hi guys, praetorianofthe_east here. I am one the main authors good friends and occasional opponent. I’ll be writing articles here sometimes, maybe more than that. Who knows eh?

Anyways what you’ll be able to expect out of me is a lot of kitbashes and conversions as that is what i love to do in this glorious hobby; some people like to paint or play, i love to kitbash. Also, expect some batreps out of me whenever i get the chance to play a game.

The main game that I play is 40k and i am currently focusing on a grand alliance of sorts for chaos, and then space marines. I do have a tyranids army but I am looking to sell it. Also, I love to write so expect some occasional fanfiction out of me.

Hopefully i can get a better post up in the near future but for now, happy wargaming.   


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