Friday, December 16, 2016

Menoth: Warcaster Kreoss and Hierophant

Without basing
This post has been sitting in my que for a while (since at least November 2016) but for some reason I could never find the right time for it to be released. Today I hope to rectify that.

These pictures are the start of my Menoth army for warmachine. The two models I have for you to day are Warcaster Kreoss and a Hierophant. Kreoss was the starter box warcaster for in MK II and was the first warcaster I ever used. I was not overly fond of him but he has his uses as a good offensive warcaster.

Here you can see his model without the basing and after with the basing. I decided to go for a Alabama Crimson Tide Football color scheme for my Menoth. With the two main colors being crimson and white (and grey for some away games), I wanted to do a tribute to my alma mater.

Crimson and White was a paint scheme that I had been itching to try for a long while. At first I thought about trying to do it with the Tau and then the Ad Mech. However in the end neither of those truly spoke to me and I ended up going with other colors. The Menoth however did speak to me and these colors matched what I wanted to do with this army.

Kreoss and Hierophant
With Kreoss complete, the decided that I liked the look and carried on with the next model: The Hierophant.  This model adds a lot of casting power to  the warcasters abilities. For the Hierophant I decided to try to do some cold blue tones on his robes and model areas. I have been learning to paint cold blue and warm blue lately in an effort to expand my painting pallet.

As this army continues to get painted I hope to be able to show off more of the skills in painting I am trying to learn. High lightening, blending and other techniques are all important to make a model "pop".  It is my hope that I can be able to learn these skills and bring them back to my other armies. Already I have learned a ton about painting white.

As always keep checking back! Let us know you were here or just say hi. Every little bit helps. Till next time!

Hierophant and Kreoss


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