Monday, December 12, 2016

[Forge World] Metallica: Breachers Squad and Magos

"As the Emperor protects the faithful, so must we protect the flock" - Tech Priest Magnus Nicodemus

Breacher Squad #2

So what do I have for you all today? Well after a painful three weeks of work on these models I think im calling them done. Followers of this blog will remember that I posted my first Breacher team a while ago. Now today I have my second breacher team ready. Slowly my Adeptus Mech forces are growing.

This squad (like its other squad) is an all female breacher squad. The magos of this army is a female that believes that males are not good enough to serve the Omessiah in any leadership capacity. She carries with her task force an all female breachers squads. Both males and females accompany her in the Skitarii forces.

Her mission is to seek out lost artifacts of the Omessiah and advance her own standing within the Adeptus Mechanicus. This Magos was fun to paint up due to all the unique items that had been added on to her person. The paint job was a lot of work but once finished turned out to be some of my favorite models done up so far.

Yet Un named Female Magos
This project has helped me to become better at working with layering whites. When i started, white was a problem color for me. Since then, I have gotten a lot of practice with white and how to layer it. Sharp eyed viewers might notice that i've added some vallejo cream colors in there to contrast against the white. This was so that I could have varying degrees of white colors on the model.

In the future I hope to be able to use my airbrush in order to get a smoother white transition on the models. Due to school and lack of time, I have been unable to get my air brush out. The cooler weather of winter has also kicked in and made it hard to find a place to air brush. Once spring rolls back around though i plan to start using it again.

In the future I have two big projects planned that I am looking forward to. One will be a Tau Riptide! This will be my Jar'Kia septs first Riptide but hopefully not my last. I also have ordered a Forge World Maruader Bomber that I will be adding to my Phantine Air Force. These two projects will be taking a lot of my modeling time come the new year. As always we soon will be entering the holiday season. At this blog, it is tradition to do a yearly end of the year post and a New Years day post. Rest assured both of those will be prepared for the year. Also be sure to check out the Gallery at the top of this blog. Every year has been recorded with the favorite models of the year added in for good measure.

Till next time! Keep checking back, say hi or just leave a comment. Every little bit helps


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