Monday, October 31, 2016

Tanith First and Only: Like Ghost from the Night (Part II)

close up of the five new members
 Another squad painted and just in time for Halloween! Last time I posted, I had the first half of this squad done up and painted. Now I'm here today to show off the second half of the squad. These Tanith took me the course of a week+1 to finish as I was lazy for some days during the course of the week. This squad is going to be part of 1st Platoon, under Colonel Corbecs guys and gals. Hopefully once Victoria gets the female border world rangers bodies done up, i'll be able to put in a order for some more female Verghast.

Another shot and angle
With the completion of these guys, this brings my top tray in my carrying case to fully painted. It'll look good to open my case and see the squads fully painted, even if it is only the top tray. The Tanith are growing and I hope to be able to finish them all and have them painted someday. In the meantime I have also bought a forge world Event only Enforcer with cyber mastiff and a forge world Titan tech priest. These two models are next on my list and will be shown off once completed.

The entire squad


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