Sunday, July 17, 2016

[Forge World] Metallica: Welcome Home (Sanitarium?)

Wip before I added the final dry brush
Today I present to you the first models of my Forge World Metallica Army. These models are all nearly Exclusive Miniatures products with a few Games Workshop models thrown in since there were no 3rd parties.This army will be a slow build army since I mostly intend to play my Guard or my Tau. These models were chosen to be Forge World Metallica for two reasons. First, Metallica is a awesome metal band. Secondly, in Dark heresy, my friend Edwazhere, chose to be a tech priest from Metallica meaning that I've gained a fondness for the planet and its priest.

Added Dry Brush
These models gained a lot of negative press review when I first posted them. Since I hate the GW breacher models, I refuse to use their ugly models (subjective) and when to find models that I felt were closer to how I envisioned my army to be. These female breachers fit with the theme of a Tech Priestess Magos and her warband. The main bulk of the army will be female with the Skitraii being males. Thats all the backstory I have for them now but Im hoping in the future to bulk it out. In the coming days I will write another post on the Skitarri as well as the Magos herself. While many of these models might seem to be out of scale, my local friendly game store and opponent are more than happy to play with conversions and proxies. I'm lucky in that regard. However I know they would not be for everyone and will mostly be a at home army. Besides carrying 2 books and 2 sets of cards is annoying. Hopefully GW will combine them into 1 army. They deserve that amount of love.

All hail the Omnissiah!  Keep checking back and leave a comment to let me know your thoughts and views.

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