Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Battle Report: Battle For Hive Valediction

The table at the end and a wide view of the game
"As the Emperor Protects, so must we" - Col. Commissar  Ibram Gaunt

                   This past weekend I played my friend Salous against his new ork army. In response I broke out my Tanith First and Only that I haven't run in forever and went to war.

Saint Sabbat takes the lead for the Tanith!

The table was played on a F.A.T Mat by frontline gaming which was really really nice! Maybe one day i'll buy one of them because it added alot of feeling to the battle. So how did it go? Well the guard walked away with solid 4-1 VP over the orks. We played at 1200 points and I used a custom Tanith Codex by Chaos_Seerer from Bolter and Chainsword.

Deploy was the standard deployment and we had 4 VP placed around the table. Although I outnumbered the orks, it was still going to be a tough game since he was running a biker squad. This squad had no painboy so in that regard I was lucky! Still guard shooting and orders were a important part of this battle.

Turn 1 say him move up and into the guard lines. Two of the Pardus 8th tanks were damaged and a few Tanith were shot at. However most of the shots either missed or were off target.

My turn 1 saw me killed a lot of the bikers and a few of his orks. Guard effectiveness was played up to make sure that they huged cover and make sure that they stayed out of his charge range.

Turn 2 saw him shot and then charge my tanks. This was a really bad turn as two of the Pardus 8th tanks were wrecked. The game looked bad. On the other hand, the ork squad failed to get off a charge against one of the Tanith squads who were lucky to fight another day.

The Commissar and her men
My turn 2 saw my remaining tank kill a few Orks. The soldiers mostly focused on the bikes and killed off the biker squad except for the Ork warboss on his bike. Having no other options left, Saint Sabbat charged the Warboss. The war boss looked at her, and then checked his lucky stick. Salous rolled a one twice and the War boss killed himself with his lucky stick leaving the Tanith and the Beati very confused. The Phantine Vendetta took off a hull point and blew up the boom gun on the back of the truck.

Turn 3 saw him charge a Tanith Squad and whip them out but not before taking serious causalities. The Orks repaired the boom gun and set about shooting at the third tank. Finally his nobs killed my last remaining tank. the other orks took a few shots at the Tanith but did little

My turn 3 saw me move up to meet the ork squad and to capture the far left point. Another tanith squad moved up to the red building and moved to capture the point hidden in the red building. A few orks died and the Vendetta came on shooting at the truck again.

Turn 4 saw him move a few orks and fire his orks at my Tanith. Three Tanith died but the others went to ground and used their camo cloaks to hide from the blast.

My turn 4  saw me move my Saint Sabbat and her Tanith Squad into position to charge. It was at this point that Salous called the game.

So what do I think of the game? Well It was a strong guard victory. The codex played very well and the Tanith units felt true to the lore. I had a really fun time running my army the way I had envisioned them to play. The dice rolls were pretty equal between us so there was alot of back and forth in the way the game was played. At one point I was pretty sure I had lost when the orks war boss had not died to concentrated fire. However, it was lucky he died to his own stick.

The battle was over, and the Guard had held the Line.

"For Tanith, For the Emperor!"


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