Saturday, December 5, 2015

Product Review: AnotherWorld Miniatures

bare model after being put together
...And now we're back with another Product Review!

Today, we are focusing on AnotherWorld Miniatures "Witch Hunter" model. This metal model comes in 28mm scale, perfect for battles in the grim dark future. She also looks like a certain inquistior from a fairly popular RTS game set in the grim future, perfect for what I wanted her for!

 The model arrived in a little over two weeks time from Italy and was in three separate pieces (Sword arm, Model, and base)

Next to her Forge World bodyguards
After putting it together, I got the first image seen here, up and then placed her next to some forge world Elysians. Next to Forge World models her proportions seemed about right but if you were to place her next to a GW model she would seem very small. This is not a fault of the company but due to the "heroic" proportions of GW models. I think if she were to be placed next to models from different companies she wouldnt stand out so bad.

Fully painted up
Overall the sculpt is very well done and the detail is nice. The model was a joy to paint and the company has since expanded their own line with other types of models. One of the biggest problems though is seen in the picture below. Her sword is very very thin! Too often I have worried about the model breaking in half on the sword arm due to the war she is holding it. It is also a bit of a pain to get her to fit perfectly in any case that you may want her to fit in. I would suggest placing her on her back with the sword pointed down in the case. This would give it the less likely chance of breaking off.

Also since this company does limited runs of resin models, It is a pain for those that prefer resin over metal.  Overall, I would highly suggest the model if you are looking for a good female inquisitor model. If you are looking for good figures in general, I would also recommend them though I would try to get the resin models before they are out of print if possible!

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