Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"Like Ghost from the night"

           In an attempt to keep myself motivated with this blog I've decided each week i'm going to try to post something of my work. Last time i posted a picture of my Pardus 8th armored Salamander (still unnamed by the way) that i had bought from Ebay.

Having shown the pictures to Pwnzilla 789 and Renegade09, I felt that i had not truly accomplished what i set out to do with this dream vehicle of mine. So one bright Saturday afternoon i tore apart the Salamander and put her back together.

The new design was based upon the Set-Back Chimera popularized by "The back 40k" blog that i had used on his tutorial to build my own set back Chimera that had been given to me for my birthday. The new Chimera has been built and assembled. She turned out really nicely and i hope to get her painted up soon.

Another key step that i accomplished was finishing my two Tanith heavy weapons teams (HWTs) of 3. With those now accomplished I have tidied up the last of the models I need to run my Tanith force.

While building the HWTs I was able to make another few figures to finish up my own verison of Ibram Gaunts Company command squad. These characters are left to right including Ana Curth, Gaunts aide, the priest, and his body guard. Im not sure i'll ever get the chance to run them as a command squad but the idea of two command squads is hard to pass up in a 2000+ point game.

With classes started up again and all three of us headed back to school im not sure how many updates we will be able to get in. So i hope you all can encourage us and keep us rocking.

Till next time keep rolling those dice and may the odds be ever in your favor!


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