Friday, July 28, 2017

Forge World Metalica: Seek and Destroy (Part 1)

 Today I present to you some of my recent work. Finally, after along time, I have finished painting up my Metalica breachers and Ruststalkers. Readers of my blog will remember that I have posted my breachers before. However, now I have the full shots of them all done up together and so ends my journey with these models.

These models are stand in models that I got from Exclusive Miniatures. I have never been a fan of the Games workshop Breachers and so I went looking for something that I felt would represent my idea of the models better. With Exclusive miniatures I got a female magos and two squads of their first set of stand ins. However I was sent a wrong order of the female models and so they sent me a third set. I converted the second set to a proper loadout of breachers and so was able to run three squad of breachers back in 7th.

 My friend  Praetorianofthe_east gave me a few of his Ad mech models and so the army grew from a lousy 500 points to 750.  One of the gems of this army was the Ruststalkers he gave me. Those too have been painted up as seen here today.

So whats coming next down the pipe? Well I got a Knight! Yes, for my birthday i decided to get a knight for my Metalica force. I have decided upon House Raven for its ties to Metalica. This, like the riptide done earlier this year, will be one of my biggest challenges to date. The Marauder Bomber is also still in the works but has hit a snag. A snag I hope to change soon.

 In the meantime, I have also picked up a Black Templar army from Praetorianofthe_east. This army will stripped of the horrible paint job it has and will return to the battlefield as proud Templar. However that is a while down the road. At the moment, I am trying to prepare myself for August and the return of the school year with it.

Till next time! Leave a comment, say hello or just let me know you were here. Every little bit helps! Stay Tuned for Part 2 where I will be showing off the Ruststalkers and talking about how I painted them.


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