Monday, March 6, 2017

Horus Heresy Imperial Fist: 1st Captain Sigismund

I've now written this post three times and gone through countless drafts trying to figure out where this little segment would go. Today I think I'm going to release it as a stand alone and see how it does. There wont be much to this post but in the future there might be more to say about it. For now I have been given a First Captain Sigismund (Siggy) from my friend Bandogora01.

Sigismund is one of my favorite 40k characters of all time. From the Horus Heresy series he is my favorite character. The loyalty not only to the Emperor but to duty and his father makes Sigismund a character that is easy to root for.His ability in dueling and fighting other marines also makes him pretty good on the table top too.

 From my earliest days playing 40k I use to face a lot of Black Templar since they were my first opponent.

40k lorest will know that Sigismund went off with the Templar to fight on a never ending crusade once the legions split into chapters. It was from this early venture into 40k that my enjoyment of the Black Templar and Sigismund began. With the release of the Horus heresy series I hoped that they would write a few stories about him and they have plenty of times. It does make for some of the most enjoyable reading when your favorite characters show up in the story, doesn't it?

 Anyway enough rambling. As I said earlier this segment is going to be pretty short today. Hopefully sometime soon I will be able to get us all back on track with something new. This early part of March has gotten very busy so i apologize for the lack of updates. While I normally try to get two post out per month, March might only see one post this month due to time constraints. I'll keep you all informed as best I can.

Till next time. Keep checking back, say hi or just leave a comment below. Every little bit helps to see that people are reading and enjoying this blog.


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