Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year! , New Projects!: Hello 2017

Hello and welcome to the 2017 edition of Behind the Lines Gaming.As a new year gets underway we look forward to the new start that a new year will bring. Like last year I will be attempting to post every other week but again graduate school might  get in the way. As with last year, this is more a attempt to regulate myself than a true schedule or promise.

Projects for this year include finishing my Tanith 1st and only army as well as my Phantine and Pardus 8th Armored. Good progress has been made on this army and I can only hope 2017 sees to it that more good things are to come.

The Tau will also see a lot of love in 2017 with their own models being updated and the Sept growing every more. Sharp eyed viewers will remember that I spoke of some new suits joining the sept over Christmas. That will be a fun project to post about. 

My Adeptus Mech forces might also grow some in 2017, Right now I am trying to focus more on what I want to paint rather than a single force at any given moment.

My Menoth forces will also continue to be worked on. This army is a small one and I am unsure if any more models will be added to it. Time will tell.

In Role Playing Game news, we hope to start up a new season of Edge of the Empire soon. This time we will conclude the heroes journey from 2015. This time the Empire isnt the only danger that the part will face and one of their own might be the cause of their downfall.

2017 is going to be a exciting new year that we here at Behind the Lines gaming hope everyone will be excited for! Stay tuned for a much more to come!


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