Saturday, November 26, 2016

Paint Night: Start of a new series?

Krieg 18th Assault Regiment
 First time in a long time that I've done one of these! PAINT NIGHT! Hopefully these will be a part of a series that I do on a monthly time frame that will just show off some WiP stuff we've been doing and get you all pumped for a next post. If they prove popular i'll see about adding more into it.

For those not in the know, a paint night is usually a gathering of friends at somebodies house and everyone builds, paints and primes miniatures in order to work on their armies. However since all of us are all across the United States, we decided to get together on skype and bs around while painting with each other on camera.

Tonights models were a five man squad of Victoria Lamb's Border World Rangers (My Tanith) and a Death Korp of Krieg Heavy Weapons Squad done up in the colors of the 18th Krieg Assault Regiment by my friend Bandogora01.

Tanith Veterans 
We spent the better part of a hour on skype painting and talking. Bandogora01 had a hard time deciding what to paint before finally deciding upon his 18th Krieg Assault Regiment. Fans of this blog will remember that I posted his Company Command Squad I did for him as a commission earlier this year. Now Bandogora has taken it upon himself to finish the rest of the regiment and see to it that they get their proper colors done in order to hit the battle field.

For my own Tanith, I did a Platoon Command Squad of 5 guys. This squad I personalized a little bit more by adding a few wounds and scars on them showing that the had been in the thick of battle. I got the rest of this squad (another 5 models) that I will have to do but in the mean time I think i'll take them for a spin on the battlefield and see how they do. Painting the Tanith to me is always enjoyable because of the feeling that Im one step closer to the completion of this massive project. Although any true Guard player will tell you that you never have enough. We'll see about that in time

Till next time! Say hi, post your thoughts and just let us know you were here.


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