Wednesday, May 27, 2015

All in the Squad: Part 2

Sarge, Cutter, Twitch, Doc, and Nubby
So Ive been meaning to write this post for a while now. This was my first attempt at the All Guardsmen Party as done by Shoggy on TG. Seen here are all the characters done up in their fully painted glory.

This squad consisted of Sarge, Cutter, Tink, Nubby, Doc, and Twitch. After finishing these models I was contacted by Shoggy who told me that he liked the models and was happy someone had done them up in model form.

 This project to me was one of most fun projects Ive done in a while. It allowed me to have some creativity with the standard Cadian models while the paint jobs allowed for me to customize each member of the squad. However, these models were traded off almost as soon as they were done for some custom art work. Regretting this decision, I decided to start another 10 man squad.

 This time I wanted to do the FULL ALL GUARDSMEN PARTY as best as I could. This project consisted of Sarge, Tink, Cutter, Doc, Nubby, Twitch, Spots the wonder drone, Heavy, Fumbles the pysker and Crisp. Time permitting I intend to fully paint up the squad (again) and get them playing on the table top. A few weeks ago I got to take the new squad out for a test spin. Needless to say they were whipped out to a man but fought hard against the traitors. Still a valiant effort on their part and bad luck due to the dice.

Hopefully there will be more to add soon. This new project is on hold as Im trying to balance my time with the Tanith, Tau, Inquisitional forces and my Warmachine Army (Menoth).

Its always been my hope to expand this blog and allow for other games besides 40k to be posted here. Hopefully soon that idea will be realized. Till next time. Keep rolling those dice....


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