Monday, March 25, 2019

Updates From the Front!

Howdy ya'll Praetorianofthe_East here, we here at BTL know it has been a while, but we have been slammed with school work, but we have an exciting new endeavor starting to make up for the lack of content (and expect new content soon between new 40k armies and our forays into Star Wars: Legion), and this endeavor is *DRUM ROLL*

A YouTube channel!

Here, we will post a variety of things including a Podcast (with topics ranging from models to tournament play), online battle reports played on Tabletop Simulator across a variety of games, Pen and Paper RPG sessions, physical battle reports, and sometimes even video game footage because we do enjoy a variety of strategy games, but expect this to be infrequent.

This blog will remain open of course and expect blog posts more frequently now that I can remember how to make Blogger posts (much professional, I know).

The link to the YouTube channel is here if you're interested

Thanks for the support guys! Eventually we plan on publicizing a Discord, but there are some kinks like bots and rules that have to be worked out first. Cheers, and for the Dark Gods!


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